Love inside out

Soft clouds drift by as I lay in the summer sun while the whole world comes undone. My music on my phone it sings bringing me alive. Thus hopeful I stand; begin to sway to the beat, dance out to the hope inside my head. They probably want me to give up instead. I won’t let them stomp out my passions, reactions, or satisfaction. I turn off the fear they attempt to create with all their static noise and hate. I see no boundaries but open field’s ways around their exploitations, destructive games of arrogant violence. I claim peace, rainbows of beauty, and if we all could stop the judgment, they claim only one could do, then maybe they could to end the silly battle of who’s wrong or right, and just let us all live our lives and move on. No one can choose what’s right for you. Are you a dreamer too? Or do you want a government that defines it all, one that will push you against a wall? How can we be genuinely free except inside our heads, when those offensive words are read..- in a democracy…- in a world we once called free? Will we soon only be free inside our minds? We will only know in time.
~Angela K. Crandall~

Scattered thoughts

My dreams rescue me from negativity
They bring forth comfort in the company that resides there
An immense fortress of peace in a kingdom all of my own
Stillness, serenity, peaceful prayer in which I sit
My inner goddess
When I know I’ve said yes to those I should have said no to
My open heart is meant to be a treasure, but some see it as liberal trash
No one speaks of what I’ve done right
I don’t live within my past
It may be a piece of me
But it’s completed, done, over.
I’ve moved forward with the value of those who wish me success
Whose hearts I hope are open to mine as I allow them to keep their hearts open to their own Ideas I often can’t grasp.
I ask merely for tolerance
I won’t change my love for all people, LGBT, and various religions
I won’t promote the hate you prescribe
I’ll vote my way
But I do my best not to point fingers even though I don’t believe your way
I’ll keep being me
In spite of those who want to see me fall
I push myself not to dive into that hole I sometimes wish I could fill with sand
I find comfort in the castle I’ve created when I cannot walk outside my door and feel free.
Yes, I know at times-I’ll only be able to depend on me.
Why though should it give you the right to push me into seclusion
When I turn the other cheek to make me feel as if I’ve wronged you
And in the past, I would have fought you
Instead, I kept quiet.
My heart will heal, I’ll do my best not to poke the bear
Life will go on.
Still, how is one tolerant of intolerance?
It makes me hurt, sad, and angry
And so this is where I go
To my dreams to my computer to my poetry to escape
My comfort from which you cannot yet take.
My illusions that are so safe they wrap me in tranquility.
And do I care if you judge me for them-being unreal?
Go ahead, judge away because they keep me alive every day.
And I’d rather be here, exist to complete my destiny.
If there is a reason for you, there’s a reason for me.
I don’t understand why you don’t appreciate beauty in diversity.
Angela K. Crandall


“What’s in my heart is what you hate.

 Freedom allows choices, the press to speak their mind.

Since January all I’ve felt is suffocation in the land of the free.

 Is brave, now pointing guns at those you disagree with and blowing them away? Why is it right for some and wrong for others.

 Don’t speak of morals for they are being lost as each star falls.

 And they are not only journalists but all of us.”

-AKC ©6/28/18

Peddling words

See my heart
My love
Inspiring me
Keep fighting
Everyday battle
Of time given for cash
And that
For my passions
In which money is less seen
Willing to do more and get less
Because love is worth more than capitalism
Angela K. Crandall

In these stages, cracks, seconds, live.

“Meet me in moments guided by someone above. Pictures created through peace, hope, and love.

If you truly see, then come with me.

Let’s walk near the oceans, stepping on the warm sand filled with love from the sun.

Then dash into a cave when the raid comes.”

-Angela K. Crandall ©3/19/17


There are no flowers here
A soft scent of empowerment
Nonviolent hope built up over the years
What will they say about us?
When we won the ability to be heard, speak out for women
Steps were taken to liberate us from the box
Picture perfect wives in starched aprons serving men in business suits unable to vote.
Doesn’t it scare you, What they, want to bring back?
Push passion outward! Maybe sign a few of those petitions you say are worthless
You’ve told me, they don’t mean a thing
Well, I’ve seen change
It’s coming again
The current
Packaging with tight ribbons
Is that all we are?
Don’t take for granted those who struggled so we could be liberated
To work, dream, become journalists, independent home owners or run a business
Stand up even if all you do is sign a paper or make a phone call.
It does matter.
Angela K. Crandall


In my world, there is an island where poverty doesn’t exist.
A place where you are not condemned for being either religious or not
But that you
Be yourself
Equal to each other no matter
Race, sexuality or where you are from
If we were to lift each other up
There would be no class system
There would just be a group of humans working together
So everyone had what they needed
This world is only in my heart
It can only be provided by me helping those around myself.
Being that which I want others to be
It will only happen if we; as a group of humans are selfless
It won’t be easy
I want an island where
People don’t have to hide who they are
Where no one hurts each other
Physically, mentally or emotionally
I want peace, hope, and love
I don’t understand those that say no judgment
Then they use a book to do just that.
Angela K. Crandall

Resistant riged

This world often makes me feel like I’m not me.
A wannabe somehow intermixed with society.
Reins, in my mouth, a horse led
I attempt to spit them out and keep failing
The only way to break the bit would be to lose it all
A double edge sword
A record on repeat
My heart, skipping beats for who I once was.
You revel in your power of exploitation
A nation, fighting to be heard
Now demeaned
Some by work, others by politicians
We wave our hands above the quicksand
Struggling to get out
The more we fight
The more we sink
It leaves me asking
Is there a way to win back our souls?
~Angela K. Crandall~

Peace within us and outside us

Strength comes from within, there are many mornings I wake up and don’t want to do anything. I get up, put on my clothes, and perhaps take a shower. I find a way to make myself care. Often my whole body aches. My spirit takes in the world of sounds, music, words, notes, and noise. I prepare for everything that must be done, but not just one, but many hearts have helped me to reach this point in my life. Each voice carries another voice. We help each other to move forward. Often I find myself in situations where I disagree with people on the issue of peace. I always question how one can want peace, but not desire it for someone else?

 Peace, is knowing that everyone is free to love, live, pray, or not pray. They can be themselves without being demeaned. It’s often why I question religion. Why would a god want you to hurt anyone if he or she exists? Why do people bash others with the bible saying it’s the sword? This is not peace, but manipulation. Wraith, hate, anger, isn’t that what we are told to let go of and replace with Love? Is it right to turn someone away? I’ve done it before, turned them away due to the fact they refused to understand that someone I loved, who was a friend of mine loved a woman. Oh, that is a sin so horrible! Yet they wouldn’t want someone to take away their Love, their faith, their peace? Equality is admitting this and peace is allowing others who harm no one through their own actions the ability to be themselves. This isn’t saying one cannot have conflict, or feel certain things are not right for them. We as Americans tend to forget that we live right where immigrants came to escape persecution for the right to practice their beliefs or non-belief.

 Now today, we are persecuting them for trying to escape to our country for a better life. We’re so afraid of what others might take from us that we lack the ability to see them as humans. Instead, people get angry and want to shove them off back to their own country. Have you ever wondered what you are sending them back to? Would you want this done to you if you were them? We lack the decency to place ourselves in their situation, to hold empathy. I, on the other hand, do not want to be responsible as an American for someone else’s death. We as a society could be using our power to empower others instead of bringing them down. If America is so wonderful why are we not creating jobs for everyone? Why does the 1% hold most of the wealth when others struggle to get by? How come it’s OK for a CEO to make Millions while a student who just graduated with a college degree cannot find a job in their field? What about those who choose to work in the public service industry? Why should they have to live in poverty? Someone has to work those jobs.

 We are not the loving, caring, and understanding society we claim to be. If we were we would not just toss people out on their butts back to their country, we wouldn’t shoot down people for being a different faith, choosing no faith, or for their sexuality. Instead, we would embrace them, love them, show them kindness, and understand that is how we too would want to be treated. What kind of foot print do you want to leave behind?

All of this came from me having the strength to get up this morning. 🙂


Angela K. Crandall