“What’s in my heart is what you hate.

 Freedom allows choices, the press to speak their mind.

Since January all I’ve felt is suffocation in the land of the free.

 Is brave, now pointing guns at those you disagree with and blowing them away? Why is it right for some and wrong for others.

 Don’t speak of morals for they are being lost as each star falls.

 And they are not only journalists but all of us.”

-AKC ©6/28/18


Peddling words

See my heart
My love
Inspiring me
Keep fighting
Everyday battle
Of time given for cash
And that
For my passions
In which money is less seen
Willing to do more and get less
Because love is worth more than capitalism
Angela K. Crandall

A women’s desire.

Take me aside and hold me.

Tell me you won’t let the bad guys get me.

Even if I can save myself.

Be my hero.

Show me your strength while allowing me to shine.

Help me to find the control I seek when I cannot see it myself.

Intertwined in a mirror that sees what needs to be said without speaking.

Angela K. Crandall



I want to be here, in somewhere else

Not knowing


Moment by moment

In the second’s, others said I wasted

Relishing in each lazy haze

Where my completeness is your undoing.

Angela K. Crandall




Believe in your light to conquer the darkness.

Fight the voices of self-doubt, diving into your dreams.

Define yourself.

Angela K. Crandall



Slipping, sliding down the hills I remember it so well
Years have passed since I woke up eager on Christmas morning
Now all I want is my nice warm bed
Sleeping in
Friends who will be there til the end
Simplicities that seem so complicated
Going home
Waking up to family
Hoping it will come together in the end
When it feels almost, the same again.
Angela K. Crandall

Rage from the past. Still, rings true.

I am a women who doesn’t believe in what I am told, sold, instead I am bold, outspoken, unbroken yet shaken by society’s outward demands of those who hold the power said to keep the world together by madness ripping it apart through idea’s and beliefs that destruct while we use are hearts, they use their hands, idea’s to separate us, connections are more than one, but many made, accept the big picture be brave, choose love over hate, rights for all, don’t go into the stereo-type of someone’s barbie doll, or image, of who they want you to be, just be yourself, be free.

© 2013-Angela K.Crandall

Social needs

                 Filling up with unneeded things to replace what we cannot find. Is it wasteful? Useless? But it does make sense. An attempt, to fill a gap, an empty space, a void in life. It isn’t often it comes to a person without hard work. However, what happens when you’ve tried so adamantly, a hole is worn. As if, you’d kept that pair of sneakers on for months. Never taking them off, you continue to walk towards your destination. One never reached. Each time you stick out your hand to greet someone, embrace them, attempting to make contact you’re denied. When you’re not, it’s a passing by of acquaintances. It’s always, we should do coffee or let’s hang out sometime. Then time passes and nothing occurs. You yearn for new relationships of liberal knowledge. Friendships that cannot be overturned by differences. Still, those sneakers are wearing pretty thin. The souls shot like old skin. The paths I’ve chosen are unlike many. People turn their heads away. When they turn towards me, it’s in pity. When it’s not that, it’s for a need. I am there for you. I always am, I say. I’m not at all perfect. I am full of faults. When I thought I’d found a friend again, it was false. I used to think-most people were good. Now I am leery. Even now, I quickly open up. What’s wrong with me? How can I be so compassionate about others and their lives? Yet, when I am. I feel I’m in the wrong. Asking for someone to listen, to understand me. So it is easier not to upset the masses. I turn to those I have always known. Deep inside there’s a spark of hope. That I, will someday find a best friend again. One who lives close. For-there, are still a few who get me. They are just so far away. It seems impossible to connect. Facebook isn’t friendship, and I know people say don’t let distance get in the way but it does.-Angela K. Crandall©11/28/16