Equality for All

The only sanctuary that exists is in your own mind.
This world is blind
It doesn’t know what unconditional love is
What it knows is fear, hate, and how to take away
What was never theirs,
It says
‘And liberty and justice for all.’
Most of you make me want to die
But I know I have to keep fighting
For those that need me.
I stand with the LGBT community.
~Angela K. Crandall~


In my world, there is an island where poverty doesn’t exist.
A place where you are not condemned for being either religious or not
But that you
Be yourself
Equal to each other no matter
Race, sexuality or where you are from
If we were to lift each other up
There would be no class system
There would just be a group of humans working together
So everyone had what they needed
This world is only in my heart
It can only be provided by me helping those around myself.
Being that which I want others to be
It will only happen if we; as a group of humans are selfless
It won’t be easy
I want an island where
People don’t have to hide who they are
Where no one hurts each other
Physically, mentally or emotionally
I want peace, hope, and love
I don’t understand those that say no judgment
Then they use a book to do just that.
Angela K. Crandall


“Emotions are a part of who I am. I’ve tried to shut them down, to be stone cold, to push off from those who often poke me with irritation, pain, or sentiments that stab my heart. It’s useless I can’t stop feeling even when I don’t know if what I feel is correct. Maybe it’s right to me, but not always correct in their opinion. I am in moments, unable to leave places I have felt, once a long time ago. Now and then they come back to me. Even unwanted sentiments linger, fade, and then when you least expect it. They erupt out of the canyon in my mind, where I once buried them deep in my soul.”
Angela K. Crandall

Exploding inward

“Keep wanting to be seen, Heard, made to matter
All I get is T.V. chatter
Angsty games played
Out of the line, I crawl burrowing myself into a hole in the wall
You might as well pack it in
I keep beginning again
Over and over
You continue to bury me
Saying come out and play
You can make it
You will fit in
My disfigured puzzle piece won’t let me in.”
~Angela K. Crandall~

After Life


   Is, cat and mouse your favorite game? When will death come? By whom? Or will I fade away without acknowledgement? No prize to claim, but having lived? Fathom what happens when you die. Choose a belief like a tree you lie under in the shade. It protects and guides you. If not, does it lead you further away from the humanity we seek? Answer the question, ease my mind, but will I be happy with the response you give? Some, don’t want you to question it.
~Angela K. Crandall

Dirt and Blood

“You dig the dirt to lay on top of me.

You pile it high trying to push me into the hole you’ve created.

I take my heart. The pumping blood that moves inside me filling the void with red.

I’m deep, profound, motivated.

I use the dirt to build myself a garden.

In it, I plant my words which become stories that feed souls when food is unable to nourish us.

When loneliness takes hold, you can pick up a book and feed.”

~Angela K. Crandall~




I’m not here to live in reality, though you wish me to be.
I may have thick skin
I sure as hell, do not fit in
I cut out the box, making it my own
A home, that need not, be defined
I painted it purple, for my Royal Respect
Not sure, how much I have of it, left
You cannot tell me, not to achieve
I’ll drown, in my hope trying
To complete
Admit, it can be
I’ll do my best, not to deceive
Fires burning
Painting words with my presence.
~Angela K. Crandall~


Sensational sleep, don’t make me weep
Let me slumber in your arms
Bring me no harm
Allow me to rest humbly in my bed
Until the sun does shine
Then comes the dark
When I hit the spark, and lights blink on
Draw me into the dream
I’ll lucidly linger
My head upon soft pillows
My arms hug my Teddy bear
I’ll drift in dreams
You’ll find me there.
Angela K. Crandall