From pain comes art.

“Everyone matters and has something to give.

For those hearts that see this seeking out others with the same.

I bow to you in acknowledgment of wholeness, understanding, kindness, and yearning to connect.

Inside my soul burns to meet others who wish to collaborate in this search for universal light.

Let no one take your candle but instead let’s hold it together up high so that all can see. Let us heal each other in spite of the hate and lies surrounding us.”

Angela K. Crandall
© 1/3/18


My life

I’ve been away

I’m not playing, on vaca, or trying to deceive you.

My heart is in my last novel, a beloved series inside of this soul.

Still another idea side swept to evolve soon.

A poetry book I yearn to press into true pages that can be held by hands.

A deep passion that often at times must climb, dive, drive, and shovel pain into action.

Throughout my daily life of confessions…

Day job


Me, the wife


Oh gosh, this is life?

A cycle of balance sometimes falters.

Please understand while I am away…

I’ve been wishing my fellow authors, poets, and readers the best.


Angela K. Crandall


I’ve been gone….

 working every day in many ways

I am a wife, writer, non-profit retail worker

A friend to a few

Each day I attempt to take it in 

Not waste a minute

Give and get, then give again

I’m not  free of imperfections

are you?

The cycle of the circle

In 24 hours 

The sun rises and falls

And someday we fall to

How do you want them to recall you?

Will you struggle for your dream? 

Give up something for passion only you can see.  

Then hope when someone opens the book, reads the words, they too will be touched.

It’s why I’ve been away.

And Poetry…

I’ve been writing it, just for another book.

Anticipating that someone will understand what I have to say

If not today perhaps tomorrow, or much later when I’m gone.

Angela K. Crandall