Resilient Determination

Be heard in the silence they’ve created
Let your voice echo on
Even when you’ve vanished
Encourage others to change
What they say could not be accomplished
Angela K. Crandall


Occupational freelance


I tell myself, stay strong, keep hope next to your heart.

And one day, maybe things will change.

People will see the light you’ve been shining for so long without being discovered.

One person, who can change your life will acknowledge, what you’ve done.

The closed doors will open.

If I’m lucky, I’ll leave behind what kept me from moving forward.

It’s why I work so assiduously, to gain mobility through creativity perfecting my dream.

~Angela K. Crandall~


Random thoughts from an angry girl.

    “If nothing really mattered but love then love would be our work. We would get paid for taking care of each other, not commercialism, capitalism, and all of the reasons why they use us. We’d be used for good gain, not for more than what is needed. Nor would the tasks be those that drowned us in pain. If love was our work it would lift us up, but how can we love our work when it does not love us? When it instead enslaves us.”

-Angela K. Crandall


(And it’s not because we let it, we all need a roof, a bed, clothing, food, heat, and a way to get to work.)

Rising above with your pen


Change is possible. What is improbable, are the people who choose not to change, in the name of business and money. It’s called corruption, greed, and gluttony. When a person chooses to stay where they are, it’s usually so they can support themselves. Businesses are not people. People are people. Those who run a business in this day, most of them, no matter what they say, are for profit. The rest of us only get the sides of the pie, that they cut off with the knife. So keep fooling yourselves when you choose not to sign petitions. I’ve seen change!

-Angela K. Crandall ©2/25/16

A new you.

What will the new year bring, or what will you bring to your new year
How do you turn yourself around onto the road you desire
The goals you yearn to meet
Addictions you wish to leave behind
Discovering you,
How do you reinvent yourself
All anew
Dancing in the moonlight
Bathing in a bath with selected candles while you listen to the music play
Taking your distant dreams out of your head
Letting go, drawing in that which you were reluctant to once and for all.
Saying this is me.
Angela K. Crandall

As an artist

“I can’t give up, it’s like committing suicide. It’s worse then social suicide. You can’t let yourself die as an artist because of what other people think of you. It’s tough to keep going even when no one listens, but if you stop then really no one will ever have the chance to listen so it’s better to keep going even when you don’t know what the outcome will be.”

~Angela K. Crandall~–on writing

A pursuit against time (Quote)

“I don’t care what people say for me there is never enough time in a day. 24 hours goes by rapidly sun-up to sun-down each second counts, each mode matters, each life we touch, every word we speak, make it matter, make it count, because some day the river will dry up, no longer remain, and your thirst will not be able to be quench, or you’ll disappear altogether. Leave behind a legacy, an idea, a dream to will others into the path that has many branches, choices, not only one idea, but many that can never be replaced by just a single thought.”


~Angela K. Crandall ~


(Originally posted on Facebook.)

For yourself be true

“If you want to be a writer then be a writer. Let no one define who you are just because you need a day job to support yourself. Be good to yourself, stay positive, and even if you never become famous you can say that you never gave up. Yes, I know you think it isn’t much, but you were always true to yourself. That’s more than most people are, and most folks give up. I know because I’ve given up before.”Angela K. Crandall, Author

Thoughts on individuality attitudes and you!

“You won’t fit into everyone’s box. It is best to fit into your own, or even better not to fit in at all. Let yourself be spontaneous try new things imagine your life in different situations, religions, attitudes, backgrounds begin to see which one works for you. What is the best place for you to be? How do you feel about each idea, belief, and what are your dreams? Don’t rely on others to find out for you. Keep your chin up. People walk in and out of your life all the time. You can also choose to walk out of theirs. Never stay somewhere you feel unsafe, unloved, or uncomfortable. Love unconditional to me means empathy that goes both ways not one way! Have a great day!

                                          Best Wishes

                                                      ~Angela K. Crandall~