Close the curtains
Turn down the lights
Breathe in the crisp fresh air 
Pull down the sheets and climb in
Settle down, pull your pillow close before shutting your eyes
Rest, revive,
Snuggle up for an unconscious ride.
Angela K. Crandall



“In order to dream we all must rest, disappear within until we awaken again. Then the blossoms will open. Before they wilt take a sniff of their pleasant perfume. Let it fill you with ease. Begin with a pen in your hand and hope it will be seen as it is written.”



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Thank you to the friends who’ve stayed loyally by my side
The ones who’ve allowed me to be exactly who I am
Your hearts are cherished
And sometimes I may feel down
Like you don’t love me
I’m not perfect
Realize not everyone can always be there
But deep down I know you still care
Times when you’ve called, and I’ve been short
I’m sorry if it hurt
Then when you called, and I was there
Yes, I do care
But sometimes when I’m alone, I wish you’d call me on the phone
Someone would show up at my door
I’m sorry if this makes me look needy
But we all need a clan
I feel like forever I’ve been suffering from giving a damn
The LGBT community
Yes, I support
It doesn’t make me a jerk
For I was taught to love all
Can you do the same?
Still, I tell myself stay thankful people are there
You are only in your own despair
They keep shouting it at me
And inside I want to shout back
Instead, I step back
To say
Thank you again
I’m a broken record
That will not stop being thankful for those that can
See the inner me
Let me be free
Even if they can’t be here every day
Only once a month, a few times a year
I am grateful
Even when you think differently
~Angela K. Crandall~

Peace Within

My heart withers when unfed.
Inside I feel dead
Like I am sleeping in my grave before it’s dug
I try not to let my petals wilt
I grab the can of water pouring it over myself
Then wash my body clean of the regret I see within me
Attempting to grow in self-love
Yearning for more
I fall to the earth and lay down
Listening for the sound of its breath, soul
Taking it in
Cherishing it as my ancestors have
Allowing fulfillment through the songs of the birds
The wildlife, scurrying around me.
I look up to the sun, her sweet rays of light
Finally feeling full.
Angela K. Crandall

Devoted Cravings

“I can be simplified or deep.
It all depends on the day, circumstances, and how I let others affect my emotions.
If something hits me hard, I may fall crying out loud for dreams I wish to come true.
Wouldn’t you?”
~AKC~ ©3/13/8

(*Poetry was written and first publilshed on Twitter on this date.)


Peddling words

See my heart
My love
Inspiring me
Keep fighting
Everyday battle
Of time given for cash
And that
For my passions
In which money is less seen
Willing to do more and get less
Because love is worth more than capitalism
Angela K. Crandall

A women’s desire.

Take me aside and hold me.

Tell me you won’t let the bad guys get me.

Even if I can save myself.

Be my hero.

Show me your strength while allowing me to shine.

Help me to find the control I seek when I cannot see it myself.

Intertwined in a mirror that sees what needs to be said without speaking.

Angela K. Crandall