Inspiration elsewhere

Motivate me
Make me want to
Help me to pull off the veil of doubt that the world has given me
Thrown upon me
Like a tarp on an old forgotten rowboat with one oar left to paddle.
-Angela K. Crandall- 10-2-17


In Default

“I miss the summer light that peered into my bedroom each morning. When I awoke, I’d push the covers from my feet rising to greet the sun. Then reach for the smell of the dew on the grass or the sweet trickle of rain that had simple past as I’d slept. Now, there is the darkness of the fall. It pushes me into a deep desire to sleep, devours the emptiness, void of light. No longer am I feeling the bounce in my step, but an eagerness to lay dormant beneath the sheets in my bed.”
~Angela K. Crandall~


“Pieces of me stick to those who use to make me smile.
They once loved all of me.
Then they decided to pick and choose what they thought was best.
They wouldn’t settle for less.
That was when I walked away, leaving shards of glass behind with a bleeding heart that was never mine.”
-Angela K. Crandall, Author ©9/9/17

My continuum

My heart will never mellow out.
It burns with a passion.
It can hurt me, you, or anyone.
This fire ignites with love, rage, pain, thirst, and peace.
It’s everything good and bad.
I am far from flawless.
My scars are badges of honor,
Lessons learned.
Bits break off of the old me and new form like broken bones thriving on calcium.
I am recreating with each day
A chance
As if I’m a flower, sprouting for the first time.
~Angela K. Crandall~


“Turn on that light inside, take that darkness cast it aside, and let the music-in. It flows the words so smooth you can taste each letter, syllable, keep moving up and down each note. Highs and lows, like this life we know. Hold your dreams near, or run in fear.”
-Angela K. Crandall
©8-23-17 💗 《Free verse…

A glorious day







In her hands

As she drifts along the tracks

Never looking back.

~Angela K. Crandall~