What’s within

“And so I built walls because you choose to stick them up. I began to create my own. I’d rather stay in a world I shaped, than the one you doomed. My cage of words, creating stories. Can you take them from my head, as you took my heart from my soul? Each and every word is an action typed within breaths leaked from the pulse I continue to allow to beat. The only repercussion would be I could no longer tell my story. It’s why I go on. It’s my story. It’s all I have. I will not allow anyone else to hold the pen. At times for this, I suffer, we suffer, creating our worlds unlike any other. Now, I should sleep within. Again tomorrow I begin again. Faults, scars, alibis, misspelled words, and punctuation.”

-Angela K. Crandall©8/7/16 (Sweet dreams.)

True colors bleed.

The story becomes the writer’s world and the characters merge, becoming her friends. It is there that she is fully herself and accepted. Outside, she smiles, plays the game of the world, if not bitter, and lashes out at those who have deserted her. They corrupt her with the idea that all she yearns for is sympathy. When what she desires is for those to bend for her as she did them.

 ~Angela K. Crandall~


Thoughts on individuality attitudes and you!

“You won’t fit into everyone’s box. It is best to fit into your own, or even better not to fit in at all. Let yourself be spontaneous try new things imagine your life in different situations, religions, attitudes, backgrounds begin to see which one works for you. What is the best place for you to be? How do you feel about each idea, belief, and what are your dreams? Don’t rely on others to find out for you. Keep your chin up. People walk in and out of your life all the time. You can also choose to walk out of theirs. Never stay somewhere you feel unsafe, unloved, or uncomfortable. Love unconditional to me means empathy that goes both ways not one way! Have a great day!

                                          Best Wishes

                                                      ~Angela K. Crandall~

Questioning life phases/The self

“Life is a series of phases of discovery. You could skip steps, jump over them, stumble, skin a knee but for some reason each piece that is chipped off of us… Where does it end up? Where do the pieces of ourselves go after they have been used up? Does someone else reap the benefits of those characteristics that we no longer take with us? What happens to the bits of self that have been shed? Then revealing our new self, changed, and or not just continually pressing repeat. What happens when you don’t move on?”

                                            ~Angela K. Crandall, Author~

Written by hand

I write by hand

On any scrap of paper, I can find and a pen

During my day job hours

My mind it comes alive

The flow a natural high

Quickly I scribble in-between

On my breaks and lunch

Bits of poetry, pieces of plots, worlds created

While there I am stuck

 Psychically, Mentally I am gone

My imagination lives unscathed

I am free from all that retail pressure as I write

I am liberated by words with meaning

Those that bring feeling

Causing me to float near the shining sun

Filling me with life

Over and over

Forever I will write.


Angela K. Crandall

(Inspired by The Daily Post)

Seperated, Stopped, violated…

Inside of me are cities
worlds unbroken
lifted up by the unspoken
gifted by hope
in a remote place
this is where you seek escape
into the night
fishing for what’s been left undone
searching for that note you left on the train
a piece of your heart that was stolen
It left you frozen in time
Placing you in a cube a bubble
where you plan to live
to keep them out
unable to break free from this violation
you let them create
saying stop
you said stop
but insead of them stopping
you did.
Angela K. Crandall, Author