I want to take your reflection and live in it
As you reside in the world
Of hope amongst other’s chaos
I see your light and want to touch it
Please share it, give it freely
For some of the dim seek the shine
as they sink into darkness…


Mixed messages.

I want to lay myself down, relax and just be
Something inside me
Stops me
From being free
A wish to be more
then a girl lying on the floor
run down by life
I wanted to live no more.
Confronted by confusion
attempting a solution
as the sun sett, and the wind rose
blowing the willow trees against the sill
I gasped for breath amongst my tears spilling
Then I got up again.

Breaking hearts

And if I could live listening to the ocean tides while I lay
Letting go of the past
Looking out sighing
Closing my eyes, imagining I could stay
Because it’s more alive, then I as the cat meows.
I reached down to pet her staring at the sun setting.
Wondering if purple skies could turn back time.



And I wonder what will fill in my cracks when things pass
As the sun dries up the beauty once fed
When will I be able to smile again?
Write again?
Be understood again!
How do I believe?
When I don’t?
How do I see?
If and how they look at me?


How can my heart reflect all
Like a mirror
When we are so separated
By beliefs
Hate based on them
How one’s life should be lived
founded on various theories
Of faith alone?
Angela K. Crandall

Faith within

As your heart sinks, don’t let the world get the best of you.
Even in your days of utter depression,
There is something underneath all the pain.
It will grow


Distinguishing life

I trip on the road and look up to see a crow. He’s sitting in a tree just staring at me. Then he lets out a loud annoying caw as if I’m bothering him. A majestic creature overlooked every day sits there staring at me. I pull my hoodie up over my head to continue walking. It fly’s in front of me then settles on the tree to the left of me. I shrug my shoulders wondering what’s up with him. Maybe he’s having a bad day too.



Baking a Cake, A metaphor for jump-starting dreams!

If your dreams are scattered, pick them up, put them in order. Please number, them one by one. Then set out to achieve them til each one is done. It takes a while to gather what you need to bake a cake. Your dreams are the ingredients you need to buy so gather each one and add it carefully. Please mix them while you: dance, chat, sing, throw your hat to the sky. Then set the oven and wait. It’s like your waiting for a callback, or an answer from a publisher, a two-day wanderer that finds the right path, then when the oven dings put those ingredients in. If you’ve done it correctly, it should come out all delish. Like the phone call that says your manuscripts accepted, or a callback, or anything that which says SUCCESS!