Male egos-family links…

I lost my spark when the match wouldn’t light. I tried to use my flashlight so that I could see the paper beneath my pen, but the battery was dead. So instead tears fell upon that paper, the words never came like the poetry lost in my phone when reset. My heart erased. There is nothing but numbness where passion was, and digging deep, I still can’t find the words to complete what I had felt. My stories go on, but even the sound of waves don’t bring me elaborate details of analytical thoughts. I clean, I sing, I try to dance, and this world has me spent on who I am — wasted on the fact that they force you to ride the merry go round stealing what was ours in the first place. Our spirits, in it freedom, when we were told in this life we could be anyone and anything given you worked at it. All lies alibi’s to deceive us into believing we mattered. And I used to think I did before people I loved, naysayers forced themselves into my mind, breaking my backbone, causing me to pray to a man above, a man! For it is the man who makes it impossible for the women to break free! And there is nothing our society has done to make it easy to wriggle out of this perpetual circle they have us entrapped in! And when we choose to rebel in the slightest way they make sure we know we’ve gone astray.

Angela K. Crandall ©9/11/19

Meet me in the middle

Changing lives matter

Each small gift of wisdom

Perfection is not in perfect

It’s what we do to aid others

Ease it not is

Conflicts cause difficulties, reasoning

Abilities to look beyond often are not pleasing

Hope is found, in connections similar, seeing some the same

 But not always

Piecing together important parts

Understanding reflections exist

Beyond this shallow water of illusions can we rise?

Or will we forever be denied knowing

What could have been?

I look out into the horizon letting the water lap over my feet.

The now clean beach is ready

The petitions in my mailbox, have been signed

Words are spoken, to people I meet

In the spirit, that they too will see kindness

It isn’t easy

Anger does come


The hardships of compassion

They too bleed

It’s the hate, that damages us, the most

In eyes, that want to force us into sameness

Let’s Celebrate culture

Not deny it, the heritage we came from

When people fought for rights to live free

No matter what their race, sexuality, or belief

Why do we keep denying this?

I’ll keep writing poetry, til it ends

Beauty, love, hate, hurt, peace, beliefs, and non-beliefs

Where, can we find the serenity, the believers claim?

I don’t think it will be when we are all the same

Only, when we embrace diversity will the anger subside

Helping our neighbors, in spite of the challenges, we face within us

Because outside us our hands are needed

To rise, above the system created to defeat us.


Angela K. Crandall



Lost in the idea, that death will come for you, without having to die.

You’ll merely exist, unless you rise above, all that is around you, surrounds you, engulfs you and attempts to steal your soul.

We are not here to be beaten down, but to rise!

We must gain, our abilities through cultures united, not divided, nor should you lack the ability, to see we all bleed red, but love unites us when everything else separates us.

 If we could learn, how to accept we are not all the same.

 Stop ignoring what we don’t like about each other, acknowledge you are you, and I’m me.

 Then maybe we could stop wars, poverty, and the thought that I’m better than you for what I have, who I am, my sexuality, my religion or that which may offend you.

Instead see that inside we all hold our own, truths.

Still we fight colliding on top of each other.

A rubble of chaos.



Angela K. Crandall


Nothing Left

Have you ever felt like there is nothing left to give

You’ve taken all I’ve got

Every ounce of confidence spent

On balloons, I blew up

Only to build your arrogance

As mine deflated


Riding on the bus as the sports cars passed you by

Or observing a neighbor get a new ride

Your left behind helping those behind you

Be humble they say

Tomorrow will be a better day

But they never say what will happen if it isn’t

People wonder why loners cry

Open books open hearts

Only when you do not tear them apart

One by one

The higher ups keep climbing

Pushing us down and we keep trying

Educations gained no jobs to be found

Don’t raise wages, because that extra car is so important

No one gets it

Some fight for those who push us down

As we keep on helping everyone around us

And they ponder

And they ask

Us to give more

Until there is nothing left.


Angela K. Crandall


Material Weapons

You can seclude yourself within peace
outside everything remains the same
until we stand up together
realizing the system has been rigged
underlying as many have claimed
we’ve been divided
If only we could blend, bend, compromise
to realize as long as we continue
cutting each other up with words, thoughts,
ideas and weapons
the only winner will be the elite
who are amused by how they hold us in place
Not with weapons with things.
Angela K. Crandall

© 8/2/2015

Resolving Objections…

You told me you wanted things to happen

Explaining how special I was

The truth is I’m better out in the universe

Doesn’t matter who makes it first

Lots of dreams

Constant work

Uncertain of occurrences

Wanted Haunted

Robotic Symbolic


Enchant me with wisdom

Let passion Fill me not stigma nor status


A single Dogma

Rising up up up

Into the air

Meeting again with the wind

Rain and my shadow

Outlasting tomorrow

Being reborn


To complete a circle

Holding everyone’s hand

Into the light they say is only meant for some.


Angela K. Crandall

© 6/7/2015

This is how we begin…

“No, I will not let you stab me in the heart, my back, or any other part of my body.

I will let you pull the knife from me so I can heal from the wound once placed there.

Would you help me sew it back up?

Kindly give me advice on how to avoid these slices unless they are pieces of pizza shared amongst friends?

I am looking for them, for you, for me, people to help repair the damage once constructed by pain we inflict on each other.

It needs to stop this sparing of swords.

How do we start possessing humanity again?

Common community, pools where we meet to help give reason for all that is coming…

Can we end it? Make it right?

Lighting up the night of someone else’s dark skies by being there?

I dare you to be there

for someone



in distress

a mess

One you don’t agree with

hold them tight

Don’t tell them they are wrong


There hero isn’t right

Instead be an em-path

A way into the sparkles





bringing the ability to strive

to reach

for that which seems


each step towards rebuilding


one person at a time


All of us


can do that


if we pick each other up

When we have stumbled

In the past we’ve all been pushed to be humbled

to stop questioning

don’t let it force you into vengeance

Perhaps unexpectedly you’ll be lead where you need to go

One person at a time




create bridges

where conflict once existed.

Unreasonable? Is it possible?

Should we try?

Be there, aware, empathize, reflect, analyze

Then reconstruct

to lift up

The human mind


each of us are

with patients.


Angela K. Crandall Author

C. 4/23/15






Carry me into the rhythm

The lyrics remind me

To step forward





Pull you in


Majestic sounds leave me

Soothing me

Every word has meaning

If we give it

Our actions

Pursue it

Don’t let it go

Thorny, complex, intricate



Need resolutions

Turned backs do nothing

Face forward

Needle them

Sew it up

Fix the tare


Play on play on

Let the music in you

Live on

Forever to eternity


Angela K. Crandall

© 4/12/15

*Unrest/Being Brave*

What would you say if I told you that I don’t want to post all the books I am reading on WordPress from my Goodreads due to fear of judgment? Does that make me a sellout? If I support the LGBT community and still believe in god will you hate me? Should I be able to be myself without fear of judgement? These are the thoughts that enter my mind as a writer as well as someone who wishes to be able to put herself out there. Shouldn’t we all be free to be ourselves without someone else telling us no?

Angela K. Crandall, Author

Battle for the Internet!

Today I tried to press a website in order to get your help in fighting to keep the internet fast, and reliable. However, no matter how many times I tried to press it from the site it did not work. I have a feeling that there are people behind this that do not want it shared. Please if you enjoy having a useful internet where companies are not the only ones that benefit from fast speeds, I urge you to visit this site!