A new you.

What will the new year bring, or what will you bring to your new year
How do you turn yourself around onto the road you desire
The goals you yearn to meet
Addictions you wish to leave behind
Discovering you,
How do you reinvent yourself
All anew
Dancing in the moonlight
Bathing in a bath with selected candles while you listen to the music play
Taking your distant dreams out of your head
Letting go, drawing in that which you were reluctant to once and for all.
Saying this is me.
Angela K. Crandall

Previous lives

Can you remember summer days with no obligations?

When you grabbed your swimsuit and headed for the river?

You swam all day long til the sun tanned your skin

Pretending you were traveling in the tropics with your best friends.

Days you sat with many books to read

Finishing one and starting another

The sound of an ice cream truck lit up your eyes

You ran as fast as superman to get that brightly colored ice cream

Joys long past that you can catch a glimpse of

in the corner of the memories, where childhood lives

Each day we let pass

Did you live in the moment?

Cherish each second

Do you ever have time to rewind and look back?

Each image golden

Actions, play, and people

Things you held dear

Do you recall them?

Like switching on a show of the Brady bunch

Do you remember?


Have you forgotten the moments lived?

As if you’d never have another.


Angela K. Crandall.

© 8/12/2015

Summer bliss

Take time to open a book

Enter another dimension

Receive words, phrases, knowledge, and vocabulary

Let these linger on your tongue

In your psyche

Touching your soul

Inspiring each idea

That now comes with each new chapter

The writer offered up

Giving of herself to you

Intimate connections through her

Characters, people, creations

So you can float away

On a instant



Angela K. Crandall


Easter/ A spring celebration!

An Easter blessing?


A spring renewal,

Live in harmony

Guide your life



Do not panic

Keep your head up

Don’t fight over the bread

Share it

Live to help others

Do not put them down

Instead give

Hope, Love, and if you can encompass faith

Don’t push, force, or hurt

Let them be, let them live, allow

Free will


Chocolate bunnies and peeps

Yummy things

No spoil



And if your don’t commemorate Easter

That’s just fine

I love you nevertheless

No judgment

If peace exists then be


Pick daisies

Give them to an ally


Fresh smells, new beginnings

Trees blooming, flowers peeking,

Racking brush

If not happy for Easter be happy for that

There are still bunnies, and cute chicks

Friends before you

Who adore you



Easter for me is family

Sharing a good hearty meal

Being Thankful

For each new day

The bright sun in my face

Watching neighborhood children play

If you like

Eat a peep, A Cadbury egg

Enjoy the new beginning


Spring awakens!


Angela K. Crandall