A striking shift

I’m just living

Attempting to flee the madness

Created by those before me

Under me

Below me


Yet I end up following

In the distance

A shadow behind me

A head a path

Treading through branches, bramble, and

Scattered leaves

Wind blowing I pull my coat closer to me

On and on I go

Each step forward

Repeating the motions


Carrying on

 The song I want to displace

There is more then just moving forward

Replacing the dread with reasons

Changing the wheels rotation

Revealing your truth to the world

Reminding others they do make a difference

Without always having to comply with



Social outcasts

Stand strong together

Binding hope

Sending it

Sharing it

Experience this with us

Or just stand back

And continue to


As if

Nothing ever happened

To make you want to

Reconstruct the definemeant

Tying us to coins, nickels, dimes

Comparing us to cash

Instead of seeing our worth


Angela K. Crandall

© 5/29/15

My life/Novel update (Title to be announced.)

(Author Update) Tonight I worked on and edited Chapter 21 of my novel in two hours. Tomorrow I will begin edits on Chapter 22 after my appointments and breakfast. Then I do plan on some me time. I am no good without downtime. I do have plans for edits on Thursday Chapters 23,24, 25, and on Friday Chapters 26, 27, and 28. If all goes well this leaves me with six chapters to edit next week.-Angela K. Crandall, Author


I’ve always been ready

Why am I sitting here waiting?


Over thinking

Taking on the frustration of a parallel universe

We each walk in our own truth

Full of shame

They play the blame game

Pointing fingers

Shooting guns

Flashing their political styles

Instead of focus

On completing the ability to end

Poverty, needless homelessness

The inability to wage wars peacefully

On those waging them on us

When will the anger be placed?

United with solutions


That holds the power

To define honest humanity

If it shows up

We’ll all be free

From the ties



As they say to each are own.

This gamble, Does it cause harm?

I think we should be able to lie

In anyone’s arms

If love is the answer

Why are we causing harm?

Judgment lays with the master

But we use things to critic anyway

Playing sides like piano notes

A dual tell the end

No one wins.


Recently much of my time has been taken up by a novel I am currently working on. I started a writing project in July for a short stories book for Halloween. When I began writing  the third story in the book I had  no idea it would take on a mind of its own turning into an Urban Fantasy. When I reached about 12,000 words I realized it would no longer be a part of the original plan. It was then I moved it into its own file to start a second project. I’m pretty much keeping it on the down low until it is finished. I am now on Chapter 21 with a word count of 47,399 words. My goal for  my word count is 65,000 for a Novella. It will be the first novel I have written when it is released. I’ve been working very diligently to try to make it better than my last short story that was  released in January. I don’t want to make the same mistakes I made before. My goal as an author is to make every project better than my last, to learn and grow from past mistakes in order to maintain a good standing with my audience and supporters. Thank you for following my blog. I will continue to do my best to maintain it with tidbits of poetry, writing, and observations of the world around  me. Have a great week!

As an Artist

My new biggest challenge isn’t just writing a story, fixing my tense problems, and putting it out there. It is trying to promote myself. I have lots of authors that do blog tours. I am not yet familiar with them. As this blog is about learning and growing it is something I must do to move forward. Currently, I am about halfway through my first Novella. The first story I wrote was a short Twilight zone type tale called The Dream Inside the Darkness.” I also completed a poetry book “Poetic Puzzle Pieces” (Social Suicide.) I always look at things as what are you going to do next not what have you done. Usually after I publish a book on Amazon if it doesn’t go well I just move on to the next. I didn’t really give promoting my books much thought until now. I’ve seen a lot of Authors  move forward using blog tours, kindle boards, and twitter. I myself have used Twitter to promote. I’ve seen bits of success with it, but not a ton. If anyone on WordPress is willing I would love some advice on how to promote. I need to also do research as I have recently done on creating book covers. That was very successful.

              Have a great day! And Write ON! 

                                                          Angela K. Crandall

Tense trouble

To my Readers:

This is my current dilemma as a writer, author. I start a story, and everything is going great, but I cannot seem to keep to one tense. I wonder if I am the only author who struggles with this. I have started doing research taking down information from sites as how to try and stay in a tense throughout my novel. I have yet to put it to use as I have 21,853 words already currently written. I’ve been told everything else is well developed with the exception of a few detailed additions such as description. I know people usually use blogs to give advice. This time I am asking for  yours. What do you do when, and if you struggle with remaining in one tense during writing? Do you have  any simply ways to remind, or remember what  you are doing, or am I just an egg head. I mean really. I am not sure why, but currently I feel I am probably the only person at battle with this.  You’d think it would be fairly easy to manage being in the present or the past.


 Angela K. Crandall

unblocking writers block.

Take out a piece of paper, and write out a list of questions you would have as a reader up to this point of your unfinished novel, or short story.

Then answer these questions, think about the plot, how in depth do you want it? Have you done any character profiles? It is also important that you insure you have no holes, or issues of flip flopping idea’s. These are things that need to be checked for along with editing for spelling, and grammatical errors. I suggest using http://www.grammerly.com You can use the free version, or opt into the version you can choose to pay for. 

Take your time, lots of writers worry about getting out their projects now so they will not be forgotten. Even though it is an important part of being a writer so is the quality of your work. One of  my goals I set for myself as a writer is that each book I publish has improved over the last. 

Have a great Saturday!