A new you.

What will the new year bring, or what will you bring to your new year
How do you turn yourself around onto the road you desire
The goals you yearn to meet
Addictions you wish to leave behind
Discovering you,
How do you reinvent yourself
All anew
Dancing in the moonlight
Bathing in a bath with selected candles while you listen to the music play
Taking your distant dreams out of your head
Letting go, drawing in that which you were reluctant to once and for all.
Saying this is me.
Angela K. Crandall

All of me.

I used to hide inside submerged ideas.

Now I’m out so…

Dream of me and infinite possibilities that could be, that is, if you could, can accept me, all I am and will be.

The full circle of infinity

The who I am.

It’s no longer hiding, but gliding over the ocean, ready to dive.

Will you try to touch the sky?

Hear my song

Words that were stuck in my throat

Now singing

A new beginning

Searching, as usual

Swimming into another pool

Open ready to receive

If only you could find me

I could uncover you

Friend, or more

Hope, not fear

I’ve had enough of cowards

I am truthful about myself

Wishing for two hands

One on each side

Can you understand my oceans?

The high waves crash upon my shore.

Never keeping score of one another

Can you seek out to see, why all this is in me?

How will this yearning, not be fixed?

Unless bliss fills me.

Does not deceive me.

To find those who search for the same.

I don’t want to play games.


I am.

I will not hide nor be hidden.

I wait patiently and wonder

If anyone is like me


Will I forever be

The only one

Stuck in the middle of chaos

A heart half filled.


~Angela K. Crandall



“Can we search for sounds like we do, words, to create meaning in our life?

Birds that chirp as we awake each dawn? The moon rising as we fall into bed every night.

Evening sounds, of heaters turning on and off, an aquarium pump, or a cat’s purr.

These noises soothe us with unspoken significance, lingering comfort, or memories which calm or chill our insides out.

Let’s go now to those places of pleasure escaping from the norm through waves crashing against the shore guiding us into our dreams once more.”


Angela K. Crandall


The North

“Chills crawl up and down my spine.

Nothing a warm blanket will not fix.

A cup of hot cocoa held in my hands


Snowflakes drift outside my window.

It has begun.

Winter wisdom.”


Angela K. Crandall


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“When you feel alone, call me.

I’ll listen even if I don’t have the answers.

I’ve been there in rooms with closed doors I’ve wanted to open.

My arms outstretched, waiting.”

~Angela K. Crandall


Holding my heart

I was left holding my heart, in my hands

When, you’re, only thought was, I was taking a stand

Against you

To defeat you


















I was only, a one time deal

A way to make you feel, empowered

As you took and gave me hope

That we could continue




I held my heart, in my hands

And gave you, yours back

To do with what you, pleased.

I needed you

You didn’t need me.


Angela K. Crandall


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“If I, could be held in high regard, taken, loved, understood then possibly I would be whole, not half of who I am.

Left to find myself as I search for a path unknown.

My angel where could you be?

Watching over me?

In the stillness of the night, I wait.

 Sit beside me, hold my hand, help me take a stand.

Look at me, not down on me, keep me safe.

 Forever held, in your warm embrace.

 Do not despise or judge, instead please just show me, love.”

-Angela K. Crandall


Once Was

I want to be held, touched, but there is only empty pain
Voids, holes, a missing part of my doughnut
The best part, gone
I was wrong assuming
The hole would be filled
That I’d ever, find something I considered, could be shared
Never meant to be anything
I thought was something
All wrapped up in nothing
That only once was.
Angela K. Crandall

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