Male egos-family links…

I lost my spark when the match wouldn’t light. I tried to use my flashlight so that I could see the paper beneath my pen, but the battery was dead. So instead tears fell upon that paper, the words never came like the poetry lost in my phone when reset. My heart erased. There is nothing but numbness where passion was, and digging deep, I still can’t find the words to complete what I had felt. My stories go on, but even the sound of waves don’t bring me elaborate details of analytical thoughts. I clean, I sing, I try to dance, and this world has me spent on who I am — wasted on the fact that they force you to ride the merry go round stealing what was ours in the first place. Our spirits, in it freedom, when we were told in this life we could be anyone and anything given you worked at it. All lies alibi’s to deceive us into believing we mattered. And I used to think I did before people I loved, naysayers forced themselves into my mind, breaking my backbone, causing me to pray to a man above, a man! For it is the man who makes it impossible for the women to break free! And there is nothing our society has done to make it easy to wriggle out of this perpetual circle they have us entrapped in! And when we choose to rebel in the slightest way they make sure we know we’ve gone astray.

Angela K. Crandall ©9/11/19

Baking a Cake, A metaphor for jump-starting dreams!

If your dreams are scattered, pick them up, put them in order. Please number, them one by one. Then set out to achieve them til each one is done. It takes a while to gather what you need to bake a cake. Your dreams are the ingredients you need to buy so gather each one and add it carefully. Please mix them while you: dance, chat, sing, throw your hat to the sky. Then set the oven and wait. It’s like your waiting for a callback, or an answer from a publisher, a two-day wanderer that finds the right path, then when the oven dings put those ingredients in. If you’ve done it correctly, it should come out all delish. Like the phone call that says your manuscripts accepted, or a callback, or anything that which says SUCCESS!

Many Loves

No one wants to be told, how to love, who to love, and where to love, or that you are only allowed to love one person at a time. We just want to choose what is right for us.

-Angela K. Crandall