Four paws of Inspiration

Good news

I awoke alive

Sun shining

Fan spinning

Light fragments blazed

Radiating into my room

An orange kitty jumped upon my bedside

Crawled under the shades

To soak it all in

I flutter a bit not wanting to emerge

From the silky sheets that cover up my body still at rest

Mr. Butters springs up to peer at me eager for his morning stroll

“One minute,” I say! Inflicting myself with the will to move, and sit up, out of my daze

Not to give up and just lye there.

Instructing enthusiasm to take shape sitting on the edge of my bed

My feet barely touching the floor

Creating pressures to propel myself

Out of the dark shades into the daylight hour…


Angela K. Crandall

© 7/9/15

My playful companion….

A bark, romp,

Your friendly tail wags

Tag-team you’re it!





Rushing to find you

Then I see you’ve discovered

A beautiful spot

For the two of us.


Angela K. Crandall

© 6/6/15

Juggling life/Benefits of pet ownership

The last few weeks I’ve felt very unproductive as an artist. I go through spurts of creativity, some of it at odd times or even occurring during my day job. It often makes it difficult to put things down on paper. Thank goodness for my ability to store notes in my phone. I’ve started editing my novel for the 2nd time. When I’m not writing I’m taking care of my animals and working retail. My cats are an orange Persian named: Peaches who purrs really loudly. She enjoys being held and sitting in my lap. Yesterday I came home to do dishes and she demanded I pick her up and pet her before I started. Shish my gray tiger is a funny delight! She chirps back at the birds while gazing out of our living room window. Now the last kitty member of our family A Calico: K.C.  is skittish yet loves to be petted. We love them and their personalities. All of them were adopted from other families that could not keep them. The one who holds us all together is our doggie Mr. Butters. He loves to chase, kiss, and protect his girls. He’s a small Pomeranian mix full of energy! He’s helped me to maintain my weight as well as become more physically active. Pets hold many health benefits such as lowering stress, blood press, and heart disease. I recommend if you have the time and ability adopting a pet is beneficial to you and the new family member. This action must not be taken lightly. All of my pets have maintained their names since my ownership. Often animals in shelters go from home to home. I understand some are tough, emotional situations where one can no longer care for their pet, but there are others due to neglect. Animals have feelings, need love, and get attached to you so please when and if you adopt do not do so lightly. Give love, get love, and show them you care. They will be your forever friends. Animals do not betray you as many people do, and they rely on you to care for them! I guess this is why I take time away from my writing because to me they are worth it! I hope all of you are doing well, and I wish you the best with all you do!


                                                                     Angela K. Crandall, Author

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