Baking a Cake, A metaphor for jump-starting dreams!

If your dreams are scattered, pick them up, put them in order. Please number, them one by one. Then set out to achieve them til each one is done. It takes a while to gather what you need to bake a cake. Your dreams are the ingredients you need to buy so gather each one and add it carefully. Please mix them while you: dance, chat, sing, throw your hat to the sky. Then set the oven and wait. It’s like your waiting for a callback, or an answer from a publisher, a two-day wanderer that finds the right path, then when the oven dings put those ingredients in. If you’ve done it correctly, it should come out all delish. Like the phone call that says your manuscripts accepted, or a callback, or anything that which says SUCCESS!

True colors bleed.

The story becomes the writer’s world and the characters merge, becoming her friends. It is there that she is fully herself and accepted. Outside, she smiles, plays the game of the world, if not bitter, and lashes out at those who have deserted her. They corrupt her with the idea that all she yearns for is sympathy. When what she desires is for those to bend for her as she did them.

 ~Angela K. Crandall~


For yourself be true

“If you want to be a writer then be a writer. Let no one define who you are just because you need a day job to support yourself. Be good to yourself, stay positive, and even if you never become famous you can say that you never gave up. Yes, I know you think it isn’t much, but you were always true to yourself. That’s more than most people are, and most folks give up. I know because I’ve given up before.”Angela K. Crandall, Author


I love to write. I get so excited when discussing my stories or poetry. It is even more motivating when others share the enthusiasm. There are moments when I tend to have to step back, wait, and then realize not everyone understands or loves the fact I write. Then I stop, put myself back in my own story with a pen in my hand urging myself to keep going. This destiny was meant for me. Words, music, lyrics, quotes, inspiration does not just walk away. It’s how I view myself.-Angela K. Crandall, Author

What do you do?

Do you have a writers group you attend? How do you go about telling your story? Do you like details, deep descriptions or do you prefer dialog? I have had to add in descriptions a lot of times because I become so focused on what is going on in the story. My first short story had great detail and less dialog. Each reader has a different preference some like a mix. As an author, I am trying to find my  place between them. I am always looking for ways to grow. Right now I am reading “Mockingjay” by  Suzanne Collins, and will start “For whom the Bell Tolls” by Ernest Hemingway. Reading books by various authors gives us an idea of the different writing styles used that we can adhere to. I”m not saying to use an exact style as these authors, but that it gives you a reference to how you want to develop your own. It is a starting point.  Of course, the most important thing is to get your story written.  If you do belong to a group of writers it is helpful to review each others work with constructive criticism keeping an open mind that his or her work is very dear to them. Remember that these people are trying to help you improve your writing not trying to demean it. I suggest joining a group such as the one I attend. We read a lot of indie Author books, complete reviews, and learn about mistakes we’ve  made and how to avoid them.

Happy Writing!

Angela K. Crandall

As an Artist

My new biggest challenge isn’t just writing a story, fixing my tense problems, and putting it out there. It is trying to promote myself. I have lots of authors that do blog tours. I am not yet familiar with them. As this blog is about learning and growing it is something I must do to move forward. Currently, I am about halfway through my first Novella. The first story I wrote was a short Twilight zone type tale called The Dream Inside the Darkness.” I also completed a poetry book “Poetic Puzzle Pieces” (Social Suicide.) I always look at things as what are you going to do next not what have you done. Usually after I publish a book on Amazon if it doesn’t go well I just move on to the next. I didn’t really give promoting my books much thought until now. I’ve seen a lot of Authors  move forward using blog tours, kindle boards, and twitter. I myself have used Twitter to promote. I’ve seen bits of success with it, but not a ton. If anyone on WordPress is willing I would love some advice on how to promote. I need to also do research as I have recently done on creating book covers. That was very successful.

              Have a great day! And Write ON! 

                                                          Angela K. Crandall

Tense trouble

To my Readers:

This is my current dilemma as a writer, author. I start a story, and everything is going great, but I cannot seem to keep to one tense. I wonder if I am the only author who struggles with this. I have started doing research taking down information from sites as how to try and stay in a tense throughout my novel. I have yet to put it to use as I have 21,853 words already currently written. I’ve been told everything else is well developed with the exception of a few detailed additions such as description. I know people usually use blogs to give advice. This time I am asking for  yours. What do you do when, and if you struggle with remaining in one tense during writing? Do you have  any simply ways to remind, or remember what  you are doing, or am I just an egg head. I mean really. I am not sure why, but currently I feel I am probably the only person at battle with this.  You’d think it would be fairly easy to manage being in the present or the past.


 Angela K. Crandall

What Inspires me to write

“Individual perspectives vary on issues, morals, and rules. If one has the ability to see more than one, than their writing can be very universal. There are writers who see thing from only one dimension while others see it clearly from all sides of the mountain, or are even able to look at things through many different world views. Those are the authors that have stuck with me encouraging me to write in depth and pour out my inner most feelings.”-Angela K Crandall