Inspiration elsewhere

Motivate me
Make me want to
Help me to pull off the veil of doubt that the world has given me
Thrown upon me
Like a tarp on an old forgotten rowboat with one oar left to paddle.
-Angela K. Crandall- 10-2-17


I’ve been gone….

 working every day in many ways

I am a wife, writer, non-profit retail worker

A friend to a few

Each day I attempt to take it in 

Not waste a minute

Give and get, then give again

I’m not  free of imperfections

are you?

The cycle of the circle

In 24 hours 

The sun rises and falls

And someday we fall to

How do you want them to recall you?

Will you struggle for your dream? 

Give up something for passion only you can see.  

Then hope when someone opens the book, reads the words, they too will be touched.

It’s why I’ve been away.

And Poetry…

I’ve been writing it, just for another book.

Anticipating that someone will understand what I have to say

If not today perhaps tomorrow, or much later when I’m gone.

Angela K. Crandall


A new Moon

“The best thing about myself, is my heart.

Although, it’s been broken in the past, it hasn’t led me wrong.

It’s a reminder that not everyone can be trusted, but that I want to trust everyone.

 I suppose most people are good until proven otherwise.”

~Angela K. Crandall


November ponderings

As the leaves fall outside my window. I realize dreams can make you believe you’re in reality. I’ve woken up before acknowledging that occurrences have happened when in actuality I was just in my unconscious again reeking havoc on me. I toss off my bed sheets and supply myself with loads of expectations for the day to be done. I’ll uncover this mystery of life somehow in the lie others might try to spin around me. I’ll seek peace, hope, and guidance yet, be skeptical, cautious, and aware of things around me. I will be.

-Angela K. Crandall



“I’m the girl who always tried to please others, who is trying to please herself.

I have made mistakes, faced my past, and am always looking for my future.

 Life feels like one big test in which you never know if you are winning or losing.”

~Angela K. Crandall~


Switching to sleep…

Allow me to rest, my head upon this pillow
Giving myself
The grace, I lost
Once entrusted
I sit down to pray my life away
Wondering if anyone is really listening
For it is dwindling
With all that is before me, below, beneath, or above
Respite is for those, without thoughts.
Angela K. Crandall


I feel as if I am on trial

for all that I am in denial

No longer can I tell who is right or wrong

On or off

Derailed, or on target

Now I am just standing in the middle of it all

watching traffic.


Angela K. Crandall


Bearing Burdens

If I confessed my sins
I’d be damned and damned again
It wouldn’t end my crippling feat
Left to repeat
For what matters all the good I’ve done?
I want to run, to flee, escape
Breathing again, fresh air
A smile upon my face no longer, pasted there for show
Really, there you know?
Finding happiness again.
If I confessed, would you love me less?
Each hour of the day thoughts displayed
Opposing views collide, explode, igniting into flames
Where is the peace in our exaltation?
When comfort is found, in what others consider sin.
We’ll be damned and damned again
Once confessed there is nothing
Only emptiness
Perhaps a void to be filled
Confess to me, why things are this way?
Reveal to me, my purpose, for it has, is lost to me
All I know are wants and needs
Tired of the stepping stone I’ve become upon my confession.
I lay down my pen.
I’ve nothing left to share, nothing left to bare.
You’ve seen my soul.
Why are you still hidden?
Angela K. Crandall

Four paws of Inspiration

Good news

I awoke alive

Sun shining

Fan spinning

Light fragments blazed

Radiating into my room

An orange kitty jumped upon my bedside

Crawled under the shades

To soak it all in

I flutter a bit not wanting to emerge

From the silky sheets that cover up my body still at rest

Mr. Butters springs up to peer at me eager for his morning stroll

“One minute,” I say! Inflicting myself with the will to move, and sit up, out of my daze

Not to give up and just lye there.

Instructing enthusiasm to take shape sitting on the edge of my bed

My feet barely touching the floor

Creating pressures to propel myself

Out of the dark shades into the daylight hour…


Angela K. Crandall

© 7/9/15