November ponderings

As the leaves fall outside my window. I realize dreams can make you believe you’re in reality. I’ve woken up before acknowledging that occurrences have happened when in actuality I was just in my unconscious again reeking havoc on me. I toss off my bed sheets and supply myself with loads of expectations for the day to be done. I’ll uncover this mystery of life somehow in the lie others might try to spin around me. I’ll seek peace, hope, and guidance yet, be skeptical, cautious, and aware of things around me. I will be.

-Angela K. Crandall


Tornadoes, Are you one, or do you carry Peace in your Rebel Heart?

To Whom it May Concern:

What is peace when so many can’t accept each person’s free will? Peace means allowing others choices you would not choose for yourself, loving those who don’t love you, walking away when you can’t help, empathy, seeing someone else’s point of view. The most difficult thing is to have empathy and understanding for someone who cannot do the same for you. I’ve been there, this life isn’t fair yet it’s something we carry on or shoulders. Where has human empathy gone? Is, or has it been lost in technology, or am I not searching in the right places? Why hate those who wish for equality? Why not leave it up to their maker? If it is not for us to throw stones, to show hatred, and if violence is to end, then how can we have peace if we cannot begin viewing things outside our own back yard? We all leave scars in  many places visible, and non. A hug, a hand shake, understanding, seeing the reflection. That is what I see lacking. Allow someone to live differently then you, but don’t take away their human rights, the right to love, to choose a belief, to see things differently, to live differently, but you also must let them do the same. If you want your rights, do not take away others rights, this is free will, this is Justice!

                                  Controversial Rebel heart!

                                                        Have an amazing Weekend.

                                                                      Angela K. Crandall