I am the warm, soft blanket of safety
A guide when all else fails
Soft sweet music filtering into the room as I watch you
Slip on a T-shirt
To falter
Backing up as I try to resist
The connections of physical contact
Afraid that when it happens
This sweetness will expire
But I let you
Wrap your arms around me
Because I’m seeking refuge
Outside of myself
So with uncertainty
I let you in.


“Each day no matter what anyone says. I strive to keep going, move forward, and fight to stay. I hold in my heart a passion that often is overlooked by some. In spite of all my obstacles, I make time where it has been lost. Discover ways to move to a song that is just being written.”

-Angela K. Crandall



Beautiful branches from long ago
Twisting, and turning towards the sky,
Yearning for light as the time, goes by
Within the darkness, I have fallen
Each time I stand to climb, up the tree
The wind pushes and pulls me
Still, I keep rising when I fall
Never shall I stop
Never, at all.
Angela K. Crandall

Interior, she

Music lies within her soul
Preparing her to grow, you know
When everything else is changed
She pops in that CD again
To hear the voice that gives her hope
When other’s say nope, she says yes
Giving herself confidence, she is a success.
Angela K. Crandall

Hope Hug

I’m in love with hope, and I want to hug her.

 I don’t want her to leave me again like yesterday.

That seems so far away, but she comes and goes reminiscent of a good friend.

 One arisen from heaven for a day.

 You don’t know if she’ll stay or go away.

That is why, I’m thankful for these, days.

~Angela K. Crandall


A new Moon

“The best thing about myself, is my heart.

Although, it’s been broken in the past, it hasn’t led me wrong.

It’s a reminder that not everyone can be trusted, but that I want to trust everyone.

 I suppose most people are good until proven otherwise.”

~Angela K. Crandall



Deep, developed souls

May hide, in corners

Cry, silent tears and hold on to others

As if, they would lose them

Once hurt, they run away

Fight back

Bringing themselves, back into their imagination.

Let them fly

Then try to understand us

Who we are

It starts with a voice

We all use ours, differently

Open books

Loud vibrant people

Are not always outspoken

We do get rather loud

Proud, joyful, contemplative

Desiring to make change happen

It starts with a voice

We all use them differently

How do we see beyond the blur of lines defined by difference?

Why do we pull away?

Becoming people pleasers

How do we unit, but maintain our individuality?

Each person’s rights may overshadow another

How do we keep them from colliding


Love each other?

How is your god better than mine?

The right to choose no higher power?

If freedom was reality, what would be?

Who should you let define you besides yourself?

It isn’t up to anyone else.

Still, how do we collaborate without the hate?

If peace existed, we could all agree that each one of us sees things so differently.

If only we could let each other be



Until they again find themselves


Different gods, no god, and our own truths

Still we fight, kill and plunder

Say your right and I’m wrong

Where is the love in that?

Where is the peace?

Fighting over who gets more

No one knows how to help each other

Instead, we are run by corporations

Who’ve stolen our imaginations

Placing in our hands trinkets and toys

We cannot take them with us

Why do we fight against, ourselves and others

Why can’t they see

If we could just let each other be

Do not make me, you

I will not make you, me.

Accepting not only yourself

Diverse, dissimilar

Regardless of age

Various sizes, smiles, colors, owning our own selves

All of us, are human

So why does the human race refuse to, unit?

If we dislike, hate

Why do we create it?


Angela K. Crandall