Innate intrinsic cross-examination

The most difficult thing to comprehend
Is mending my own internal spirit
Wondering why I let you near it
Contemplating all the illusions I had
Interpretations of compilations
Come and go
Disturb my slumber
Things said dismantled in one day
Games you played
It’s so difficult to see
Leaves me questioning
Do I need your forgiveness?
Should I just forgive me?
Angela K. Crandall


Say Goodbye….

It’s as if I’m a witch on trial
Burning at the stake as you watch
Each mistake I made carved into my skin
I’ve given in, but they keep carving
No pain felt physically
Emotionally, I’m dying
I don’t grasp for breath
I want to end
To let my-self
Forever sleep
Warm, sweet, peaceful, so I never have to wake again
Go to bed to play pretend
I am forever a suffering, in your web-I made
I’ll never know the truth
What I did wrong that day
Forever I sink into my soul
Not knowing, how to let go
As I let go
Angela K. Crandall


I feel as if I am on trial

for all that I am in denial

No longer can I tell who is right or wrong

On or off

Derailed, or on target

Now I am just standing in the middle of it all

watching traffic.


Angela K. Crandall


Overwhelming emptiness

Waking up empty
Something missing
A, void irreplaceable
Unmistakeably numbing
Waiting for it to pass
To become history
Emotions still pour down upon me, each morning
Especially awakening alone
The Realization that what was found is now gone
The volcano erupted
I tried to wait in the lava
It burned my feet raw
I stuck myself there as you pushed our friendship aside
I tried to give reason while you made excuses
As to why it would never work
I wonder if I’m cursed
Reinforcing loneliness
You’ll never see.
Angela K. Crandall