Baking a Cake, A metaphor for jump-starting dreams!

If your dreams are scattered, pick them up, put them in order. Please number, them one by one. Then set out to achieve them til each one is done. It takes a while to gather what you need to bake a cake. Your dreams are the ingredients you need to buy so gather each one and add it carefully. Please mix them while you: dance, chat, sing, throw your hat to the sky. Then set the oven and wait. It’s like your waiting for a callback, or an answer from a publisher, a two-day wanderer that finds the right path, then when the oven dings put those ingredients in. If you’ve done it correctly, it should come out all delish. Like the phone call that says your manuscripts accepted, or a callback, or anything that which says SUCCESS!


“When you feel alone, call me.

I’ll listen even if I don’t have the answers.

I’ve been there in rooms with closed doors I’ve wanted to open.

My arms outstretched, waiting.”

~Angela K. Crandall


As an artist

“I can’t give up, it’s like committing suicide. It’s worse then social suicide. You can’t let yourself die as an artist because of what other people think of you. It’s tough to keep going even when no one listens, but if you stop then really no one will ever have the chance to listen so it’s better to keep going even when you don’t know what the outcome will be.”

~Angela K. Crandall~–on writing

For yourself be true

“If you want to be a writer then be a writer. Let no one define who you are just because you need a day job to support yourself. Be good to yourself, stay positive, and even if you never become famous you can say that you never gave up. Yes, I know you think it isn’t much, but you were always true to yourself. That’s more than most people are, and most folks give up. I know because I’ve given up before.”Angela K. Crandall, Author

/Luminary Lessons

Darkest dreamers develop fears

Overcasting, subsiding,

Sidestepping glances

Pushing them

Away from whom they were

Who they have been and who they are now

Finally plunging


A slow progressive act

Nothing new

Realizing self-acceptance

Isn’t painless

In the world

where we wish to be

Received for who we are, what we do,

And what we love



Angela K. Crandall


Thoughts on individuality attitudes and you!

“You won’t fit into everyone’s box. It is best to fit into your own, or even better not to fit in at all. Let yourself be spontaneous try new things imagine your life in different situations, religions, attitudes, backgrounds begin to see which one works for you. What is the best place for you to be? How do you feel about each idea, belief, and what are your dreams? Don’t rely on others to find out for you. Keep your chin up. People walk in and out of your life all the time. You can also choose to walk out of theirs. Never stay somewhere you feel unsafe, unloved, or uncomfortable. Love unconditional to me means empathy that goes both ways not one way! Have a great day!

                                          Best Wishes

                                                      ~Angela K. Crandall~


I love to write. I get so excited when discussing my stories or poetry. It is even more motivating when others share the enthusiasm. There are moments when I tend to have to step back, wait, and then realize not everyone understands or loves the fact I write. Then I stop, put myself back in my own story with a pen in my hand urging myself to keep going. This destiny was meant for me. Words, music, lyrics, quotes, inspiration does not just walk away. It’s how I view myself.-Angela K. Crandall, Author

Passing Torches

Laying deep in the sand

Take my hand

One takes my hand

Walk away horizons beyond

Take in the light, fields, trees, oceans,

Push, encounter, and meditate

Glimpse, make real, and create proof in loose leaf tea

A warm bath


Accepting paths no longer alluded with clutter

Making spaces washed in colorful cloths

N paint laying a foundation resembling clay to be molded

Needing to be seen

At certain angles

Safety nets can crash

Decomposed trash liters parks with chalk art,

To sit

Display empowerment with simplicity is dignity

An aspect of silence vocalized with meaning

Unable to turn away

Emoting my own

Emotions from sand filled bottles emptied on pavement

I will not last

Time passes

Legacies constructed

By many unknowns

Intended to shift


Seen only by few

Picked up

Passed on

Is how we continue

In the Mayhem.


Angela K. Crandall, Author

Emotions in check…

“When you get angry sometimes you have to replace it with words that don’t hurt wishing them well even when you’d really like them to feel the pain they’ve caused you. Anger will only make them smile and smirk maybe being kind will make them think, ponder, and wonder how you kept it all in.”-Angela K. Crandall, Author