Mercy of Philanthropy

My heart swells with hope when I see hands reach out to help.

When kind words are exchanged between those who hold different views, but love is shown.

Humanity is: holding compassion for those who believe, love, look and are different from you.

Allowing them to be themselves without using who you are to judge them.

That is what true coexisting and equality is.

The only way to peace is through permitting people choices, not denying them the ability to make those decisions for themselves.

To be one world in agreement that all are authorized to have our own truths and live by them, not to suffer others to live as we say, or under a law that forces people to choose a religion, god, or forces non-belief or belief onto one another.

But to each of us an allowance to be that person inside we feel we are without hurting one another.

Angela K. Crandall ©4/29/19

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