Deep within

“And the beauty, she saw were in the tears they told her not to cry.

The pain that helped her withered flowers grow. When they threw her out of the garden, she found new soil.

It was richer, and she dug that ditch they wanted to throw her in.

She didn’t suffocate, no she took what the earth gave her, sucked its nutrients into her soul and rose!”
Angela K. Crandall

Because of Tomorrow

She held her chin up
Sang the song
While she dreamed
One day she’d sing for the world
She felt it in her
The rhymes beating with each note
Singing of hope
Where she would soon be
If she could climb high enough
Convincing them to see the song within her

Angela K. Crandall ©2/21/18

An evening in…

Moonbeams reflect rays off my window.

 I open it then lean through it looking down as it glistens on the pond below.

Crickets chirp, frogs croak, and for a moment there is serene tranquility.

 I breathe it in enjoying moments passing as the wind tosses my hair at my face.

 Then lean back in, turning away, stumbling to slumber before the sun wakes me.

Angela K. Crandall


Love is felt by more than lovers.

Friends who’ve held your soul.

Parents who’ve seen you grow.

Teachers who taught you well.

Unique infractions influencing our actions.

Creating hope, peace, and balance in our lives.

Be thankful for one another.

Because someday it will be time to go.

~Angela K. Crandall~


Positive notes

~Small steps every day add up to achievements.

~ Smile remain calm, de-stress, chuckle give up their expectations of you and set them for yourself.

~ Dreams can evolve, change, grow, or a new vision could ride out of an old memory.

~ Don’t give up just because they told you to.

~Vent, pour out emotions. Why? You are a human. They may say hold it inside, but do they want you to explode like a bomb? Bam!

As a writer, or any kind of artist you’ll go through dry spells, the need to change your process, venues, or allowing yourself to end ties to make new ones. All of these things require attention, time and work! I’ve come this far, and for things to get complicated, or stagnant, happens. This is why I choose to see that in uncertainty there can still be hope!

Happy Writing, reading, dreaming, and living.

                                                               ❤ Angela K. Crandall