The chill of the cold winter air blasts through my clothes.
I stop to look up at the trees as they sway, hoping to stay put and not get blown away.
I pull my coat closer to my core fighting the wind, squinting to see, as all the snow blows sideways at me.
I’m treading, tramping, and pushing my way along the snow drifts. It reminds me of a mighty plow, or a little doggie running right now.
Smiling to myself, I keep on.
Homebound, ready for my hot chocolate, a blanket, my chair. Oh, and a sweet little kitten who is waiting for a snug comfortable lap.
Oh, I can see it! My cozy house, a light a lite. So I skip up to the door, pull out my keys, and get in quickly before I continue to freeze.
The grey kitten stands at the top of the stairs with a mutt by her side. He lets out several barks as his butt starts to fly, back and forth so fast he falls, then stands up.
I try not to laugh as I take off my coat, gloves, and hat.
Those two are a hoot. A comedy act and I’m ready to settle in for the night with that.

Angela K. Crandall



The princess knows reality, see’s the truth and endures her struggles. She is precisely herself lifted by light as they attempt to pull her into the darkness, she struggles to break free knowing there are things to be accomplished, dead skin to shed, and doubts to overcome. And what a princess is, is up to you. Hold strong the soul you’ve been given, fight for your truth not with a sword but with reason. Love but do not force, and allow others freedom.
Angela K. Crandall


Beauty lies in the destruction of the former self.
Often they want to burn you leaving scars.
It’s with those revisions you become anew.
A thicker skin having been torn from the old brought back with twice the force of that which you were.
Angela K. Crandall