Regain your rhythm of belief embedded within your soul. Let it lift you above the clouds and remember who you are. Before they interfered with the reality, they spoke of as unreal. For if fantasy is a forty hour work week, housework, writing, family, and internal faith. What then is the reality?
Angela K. Crandall

Clarifying me

My heart is not yours to define
Nor where I set off and go
Or what I explore
When I smile you don’t always see it
Because you are not there
I am rooted deep within self-love you’ve never seen
For you see my faults before my passions
And my passions as my downfalls
When I look at how they help me grow
Lift me up and out of depression
From merely the written words on paper
That allowed me to release all I fear
Without judgment
Because paper from trees, that give me life

never try to take it from me
They let me breathe.
Why can’t you?
Angela K. Crandall

Broken records inside me.

My wants in life:

To matter

Be someone

 Help others

Be Heard

Spread laughter but be able to open others hearts to diversity with the truth of what’s going on today in society.

What’s the hardest of my wants to obtain?

The need for people to read my work, review it, be real about it.

What hurts?

That someone reading this will criticize it, find an easy answer to it, and expect immediate results from it.

What I really need?

Good friends who are as loyal as I even though I’ve been told not to have expectations, I shouldn’t accept anything less than what I deserve. Does that even make sense?

And to continue to genuinely care even when others push me to the limit priming me to draw evil from within, then say I am not at peace.

Don’t create conflict yet it has already been shaped procured by thoughts clashing. Leaving the rubble of stones left wanting as I desire to be free, heard and me.

Angela K. Crandall



Sleep is a place I go
A land I know
Where my unconscious travels
In and out of worlds unknown
Places I might have been
Wants and needs, they say
Exist played out in R.E.M.
Funny, short, long, monumental illusions
I’d often rather fight for
Than anything else
But I can’t sleep forever.
Angela K. Crandall ©12/6/18