Tormented Sorrow

“In this moment I can allow myself to feel all the things you say are wrong. I stand shedding my emotions with the storm raging, weeping, defying the world that pushes only positivity yet crying allows me to shed the pain, daring it outside pushing it away from my soul so a rainbow can emerge again. Even negative emotions exist for a reason.”-AKC ©8/28/18


Inner Peace
Revolutions of right
Please find me
Then create a place where wrongs don’t exist
Because reason is all, we know.
AKC ©8/7/18


I am the warm, soft blanket of safety
A guide when all else fails
Soft sweet music filtering into the room as I watch you
Slip on a T-shirt
To falter
Backing up as I try to resist
The connections of physical contact
Afraid that when it happens
This sweetness will expire
But I let you
Wrap your arms around me
Because I’m seeking refuge
Outside of myself
So with uncertainty
I let you in.