A writer’s thoughts

    The summer is hot, and I fan myself to stay cool. Then grab for the glass of ice tea beside me as I wipe the sweat from my forehead. I’ve been hoping for rain or at least a dip in the temperature. The lake is quite far away, so I consider settling for a refreshing bath. In the winter I would complain about the drive to work, or frigid temperatures so I remind myself how lucky I am not to have to drive to work in the snow. It will, however, come again. I sip my tea then set it down and get up out of my chair and head into the only room with A.C. I grab a book off of my shelf next to my bed to escape for a bit. Thank goodness for the imaginations of other authors. I don’t feel I can write in this heat today. Perhaps I can lift myself up enough to write tomorrow. I can’t hold off forever, or my stories will never be written.


All my life I have struggled with wanting to be accepted and accepting myself.

I am also at times a people pleaser.

However, I’ve grown to learn that you should do what you want to do.

That doesn’t mean not accepting responsibility for your actions.

Rather that, your actions are a responsibility.


Visions of Life

When I want things I can’t have I close my eyes
Breath deep and exhale
Then count to ten.
I reach to the sky stretching my body as I would my mind.
Then let my arms fall to my sides.
I open myself up to what’s within and use it to write.
My imaginations-The life I couldn’t have
And I can re-invent it
Over and over again.
I can make it perfect, unlike reality
Or make it as imperfect and crazy as I like.
My fingertips, they hold-worlds within my mind.
Angela K. Crandall

Tired writer/cover creator

Can you still want to believe when you feel yourself falling?
When you must, stop to breathe before getting up and trying?
Each step seems more tedious than the last, but in the end, you know only you can push yourself to succeed.
I want the raindrops to renew me not weigh me down.
The thunder to awaken and enlighten instead of causing fears.
A start from an end instead of just an ending.
My heart to feel so full that I want to leap into my writing.
Not dreading the book covers I love to create due to the outcome of the proof.
I know we can’t get instantaneous gratification by challenging ourselves
Patients isn’t an easy task
when you want to be somebody
And have created covers over and over again
It is the only option if you want your cover to reflect your work
You find someone who will take direction
That is an exception
And most of us struggle through
Doing it ourselves.

                                                                 Angela K. Crandall