“What’s in my heart is what you hate.

 Freedom allows choices, the press to speak their mind.

Since January all I’ve felt is suffocation in the land of the free.

 Is brave, now pointing guns at those you disagree with and blowing them away? Why is it right for some and wrong for others.

 Don’t speak of morals for they are being lost as each star falls.

 And they are not only journalists but all of us.”

-AKC ©6/28/18


No matter what I do I end up alone

Acquaintances surround me

People say be confident

Feel good enough


You will be

I’ve been happy, sad, mad, and glad.

I’ve rebelled, listened to their wishes, been there for people, and I wonder is it me?

I just don’t want to be anything anymore.

Still, Somehow I push myself, propel myself, and keep this body going

Not giving up

Even though I would rather stay in bed

I’d rather dream

Then deal


No matter how I try





Nothing changes.




And you keep believing

Even when you question

If there is any hope out there

at all

Stepping up to the plate

Attempting to hit the ball

Flying at you

Before you fall.

Angela K. Crandall



Star hearts shine in my sleep
I blink, missing it falling to the earth
Then lean down, and as I reach to pick it up
I fall beneath the sheets
Dreaming of a world complete
When all hands meet
And you see
There is not solely one direction
But we all might unite in reflection
If we’d close our eyes tight
Say Goodnight
And stop
Saying only one way is right.


Hearts ache together with compassion
When we meet in the middle
Understanding the madness
Chosen as representation
When not one of us
Has landed there
Who maintain an average income
To change the world
To better reflect
The majority
Instead of minority
In power.