Soul Suvivor

“My nightmare is your dream on steroids.
Swinging with the metallic band, I could never comprehend.
So I dive under the covers to hide in a cocoon.
I plunge into elsewhere with purple streaks in my hair far, far away deep in the gray zone.”


My dreams

 Dear poetry readers,

                       I’ve been working on a series called Myth for a while now. It’s an urban fantasy story that I released as an e-book on in 2014 and later published it as a paperback. Spirit Guide the 2nd novel in the series came out as a paperback and e-book in 2016. Now it’s reaching its final point where the tale must end. It’s been a long journey, and so worth it! I hope to be able to finish the inner cover and order my proof soon. Thank you for following my poetry blog. I’ll have something coming out via poetry pending this fall.

                                            Best wishes!

                                                         Angela K. Crandall