Awhile ago this happened.

” Why do we call them tears? Our emotions of pain falling outside of us spilling over in anguish, hurt, and loss. Tears that is not all they are. It’s letting go of everything crammed inside, held back and lost, when only you could find yourself. When you realize forward is the only choice. That deep down you’re okay even without a sidekick. That best friend that never was is inside me. Kind of sucks but that’s how it is.”

~Angela K. Crandall ©1/21/18

From pain comes art.

“Everyone matters and has something to give.

For those hearts that see this seeking out others with the same.

I bow to you in acknowledgment of wholeness, understanding, kindness, and yearning to connect.

Inside my soul burns to meet others who wish to collaborate in this search for universal light.

Let no one take your candle but instead let’s hold it together up high so that all can see. Let us heal each other in spite of the hate and lies surrounding us.”

Angela K. Crandall
© 1/3/18