A genuine original

Be true to you, even when ignored.

You know your heart.

Still, it’s torture when all you want is love and understanding.

I won’t stop being who I am due to the conflict I create with it.

They break my heart with ignorance if only I could close my eyes forever to live in bliss.

Instead, I keep them open it makes me bleed.

How with all this hate can I be free?

~Angela K. Crandall~


(First published on Facebook.)

Free from societies chains

Regenerate my heart, reunite my belief in humanity.
Let the light you snuffed out, shine as before.
When variety, added spice instead of resentment.
Love unconditional, passion complex and perspectives were created by the big picture.
Love isn’t hate.
Love understands.
Everyone deserves to be loved.
~Angela K. Crandall~

I’ve been gone….

 working every day in many ways

I am a wife, writer, non-profit retail worker

A friend to a few

Each day I attempt to take it in 

Not waste a minute

Give and get, then give again

I’m not  free of imperfections

are you?

The cycle of the circle

In 24 hours 

The sun rises and falls

And someday we fall to

How do you want them to recall you?

Will you struggle for your dream? 

Give up something for passion only you can see.  

Then hope when someone opens the book, reads the words, they too will be touched.

It’s why I’ve been away.

And Poetry…

I’ve been writing it, just for another book.

Anticipating that someone will understand what I have to say

If not today perhaps tomorrow, or much later when I’m gone.

Angela K. Crandall