Fed up

This life is not for me

All I do is give and give

Nothing exists inside

Everything gets voided

I’m always forced to look beyond

It leaves me incomplete

Never have I found

It has elapsed everything I had

It disappeared when everyone became the opposite of me

I choose to be free

When I reach out they are never like me

It’s supposed to be Okay.

I’m not allowed friends who feel the same

Instead, I get crapped on.

Thanks, world.

Thank you so much

For always telling me

I have to turn the other cheek.

All it does is piss me off

Reminding me, I’ll never be enough.

~Angela K. Crandall ©3/28/17

In these stages, cracks, seconds, live.

“Meet me in moments guided by someone above. Pictures created through peace, hope, and love.

If you truly see, then come with me.

Let’s walk near the oceans, stepping on the warm sand filled with love from the sun.

Then dash into a cave when the raid comes.”

-Angela K. Crandall ©3/19/17


I want to be here, in somewhere else

Not knowing


Moment by moment

In the second’s, others said I wasted

Relishing in each lazy haze

Where my completeness is your undoing.

Angela K. Crandall




There are no flowers here
A soft scent of empowerment
Nonviolent hope built up over the years
What will they say about us?
When we won the ability to be heard, speak out for women
Steps were taken to liberate us from the box
Picture perfect wives in starched aprons serving men in business suits unable to vote.
Doesn’t it scare you, What they, want to bring back?
Push passion outward! Maybe sign a few of those petitions you say are worthless
You’ve told me, they don’t mean a thing
Well, I’ve seen change
It’s coming again
The current
Packaging with tight ribbons
Is that all we are?
Don’t take for granted those who struggled so we could be liberated
To work, dream, become journalists, independent home owners or run a business
Stand up even if all you do is sign a paper or make a phone call.
It does matter.
Angela K. Crandall