The only way out.

Trying to swim in a road of indirection and indecision, is difficult.
It’s like water beginning to harden while you swim.
Each time you pick up your arms it starts to dry, then it softens again and after grabs you when you least expect it.
This is, life and us.
Fighting to achieve our dreams in a world of pavement, rivers, obstacles surrounding us. As people, we must overcome our misconceptions of ourselves before they take us over.
Angela K. Crandall ©1/27/17


In my world, there is an island where poverty doesn’t exist.
A place where you are not condemned for being either religious or not
But that you
Be yourself
Equal to each other no matter
Race, sexuality or where you are from
If we were to lift each other up
There would be no class system
There would just be a group of humans working together
So everyone had what they needed
This world is only in my heart
It can only be provided by me helping those around myself.
Being that which I want others to be
It will only happen if we; as a group of humans are selfless
It won’t be easy
I want an island where
People don’t have to hide who they are
Where no one hurts each other
Physically, mentally or emotionally
I want peace, hope, and love
I don’t understand those that say no judgment
Then they use a book to do just that.
Angela K. Crandall

An estranged shadow

Even in sadness
Love, hope, and friendship
Live inside my imagination
Waiting to appear, once again
Out of the ashes that remain.
-Angela K. Crandall

A theory of confidence

I am the light

My own guide in the universe

Equal to others

Not above


Only moving forward

Attempting to be better than before

 Helping others

Pushing towards goals

Achieving strength through established inspirational motivation.

Angela K. Crandall


Arising in frost

Bursts of chills spring up my spine
Every morning when I wake the cold makes my body ache
Warm covers I snuggle under more
Seeking dormancy, comfort, hibernating in this cocoon
Then the morning alarm clock rings, rings, rings
Wake up, Wake up it, sings
Oh, if it were only real music, perhaps Madonna
I rouse myself from the safety of my sheets
Push on forward to meet the day
No more time for dreams this way
Even though the sun may not shine
I have to
Even in winter often a lonely time.
Angela K.Crandall

Write Girl

I don’t feel like writing poetry
Little lines that rhythm for thee
I’ve been editing my life away
Chapter by Chapter
Hour by hour
In hopes I will be read, heard, opened up like a book.
I walk on the road looking for a twist, turn, a runway.

Angela K. Crandall