Believe in your light to conquer the darkness.

Fight the voices of self-doubt, diving into your dreams.

Define yourself.

Angela K. Crandall



Slipping, sliding down the hills I remember it so well
Years have passed since I woke up eager on Christmas morning
Now all I want is my nice warm bed
Sleeping in
Friends who will be there til the end
Simplicities that seem so complicated
Going home
Waking up to family
Hoping it will come together in the end
When it feels almost, the same again.
Angela K. Crandall

Trusting yourself

You keep creating, believing, and inspiring in spite of stress and obstacles. It’s what you know, brings out the joy, simple hope that you are more than what you think the outside, sees. Wondering if you could envision it what the scenery would be? Lots of glorious lights, or a dim silhouette of a shadow.©-Angela K. Crandall 12/21/16

Rage from the past. Still, rings true.

I am a women who doesn’t believe in what I am told, sold, instead I am bold, outspoken, unbroken yet shaken by society’s outward demands of those who hold the power said to keep the world together by madness ripping it apart through idea’s and beliefs that destruct while we use are hearts, they use their hands, idea’s to separate us, connections are more than one, but many made, accept the big picture be brave, choose love over hate, rights for all, don’t go into the stereo-type of someone’s barbie doll, or image, of who they want you to be, just be yourself, be free.

© 2013-Angela K.Crandall

Feeding desire

You can burn up
Ignite the fire, for passion
What I worry about
Have fits concerning
Is the loss of the flame
Only  ashes of what was, remain.
Angela K. Crandall ©12/11/16

Chilling Thoughts

I am not a fan of this winter wonderland.
The cold and ice
I think twice when going out
I’m super careful without a doubt
Leery of all on the road
Working towards a goal
Arriving at my destination safely
In one piece
Then it recycles again upon departure
This time of year is not for me
Angela K. Crandall