Social needs

                 Filling up with unneeded things to replace what we cannot find. Is it wasteful? Useless? But it does make sense. An attempt, to fill a gap, an empty space, a void in life. It isn’t often it comes to a person without hard work. However, what happens when you’ve tried so adamantly, a hole is worn. As if, you’d kept that pair of sneakers on for months. Never taking them off, you continue to walk towards your destination. One never reached. Each time you stick out your hand to greet someone, embrace them, attempting to make contact you’re denied. When you’re not, it’s a passing by of acquaintances. It’s always, we should do coffee or let’s hang out sometime. Then time passes and nothing occurs. You yearn for new relationships of liberal knowledge. Friendships that cannot be overturned by differences. Still, those sneakers are wearing pretty thin. The souls shot like old skin. The paths I’ve chosen are unlike many. People turn their heads away. When they turn towards me, it’s in pity. When it’s not that, it’s for a need. I am there for you. I always am, I say. I’m not at all perfect. I am full of faults. When I thought I’d found a friend again, it was false. I used to think-most people were good. Now I am leery. Even now, I quickly open up. What’s wrong with me? How can I be so compassionate about others and their lives? Yet, when I am. I feel I’m in the wrong. Asking for someone to listen, to understand me. So it is easier not to upset the masses. I turn to those I have always known. Deep inside there’s a spark of hope. That I, will someday find a best friend again. One who lives close. For-there, are still a few who get me. They are just so far away. It seems impossible to connect. Facebook isn’t friendship, and I know people say don’t let distance get in the way but it does.-Angela K. Crandall©11/28/16


“There are times when I have to remember what is good. How the light from the sun creates warmth, and the moon provides a path to follow. Little moments that leave your soul radiating with a tenderness once hollow. As if in that instant something happened that hadn’t before.” ~Angela K. Crandall~ ©11/15/16


“The sun peaks slowly out of the clouds as I drive to my destination. It’s too early says my brain. I blare my music loud, trying to concentrate on my goals for the day. It’s the future I am always thinking about. They tell me to concentrate on the present, but how can I when my job provides me with needs. My writing is a passion that drives the fire in my soul.”-Angela K. Crandall ©11/14/16

Opening desires

“Love lives within me, sits still, and pops it’s ego now and again. As if it were bubble wrap, waiting for someone to pop open it’s emotions deeply buried from the fear of offending others by my own spoken truth, shut out for so long.”

Angela K. Crandall