Passing thoughts


“Time is like a magician escaping through the tricks she performs as the sun disappears and the moon arrives.”
-Angela K. Crandall

An act of hope

I don’t wait. I hope and act.
I swim in the sand when there’s no water refusing to drown.
If I need to let go, I cry.
But I don’t let the tears bury me.
I release them so I can stand up.
I allow you in or shut you out depending on how you make me feel.
~Angela K. Crandall~©10/14/16

Fractured Phases

Reflect upon me of the day that’s passed.
Sinking in my sheets eyeing the silver moon before I sleep.
When I awaken, all my dreams have vanished into the ocean with a burst of waves.
They take my visions out to sea and leave behind memories.
Angela K. Crandall

Asking how

I know there are angels watching over me
Ones I cannot see
And then there is doubt
Placed on me by mere mortals
Moments when in turn I ask
I always will.
Angela K. Crandall