What is free?

“I’ve always wondered how you become free?

When you hide within yourself, you’re creating a cage.

When you give all of yourself to others, it often leads to being taken advantage of. If you’re true to your own beliefs, destiny, and promote your heart, it gets broken.

There are consequences, even in freedom.”

~Angela K. Crandall~



To my readers:

  I may be in postponement

A delay as you say


I write my stories

Edit my works

Play upon words written

Please forgive me

My absence


I will eventually return like the seasons

We’re all passing by

On the fly

Some return

Others find new paths

On and off the grid.

~Angela K. Crandall



There is a time when silence is meant to make you hear the pain. Screaming out from a heart, soul, embodiment in which you have turned away. Talk is always not the necessary medicine. Not yours anyway. Cravings inside of us don’t just go away. They fade but reappear. So I listen to the birds and smell the sweet earth. I continue. It’s what we do.

~Angela K. Crandall~


Time marches on.

You cannot hide from the tick and the tock

Each second is less time to ponder what you can’t get back

Let it flow like water

Moments washed out like the shoreline

How do you spend your last hours?

Angela K. Crandall