“Dreams are only invisible when you let the darkness win. An idea that all, doors are closed. A silence you render without finding the peace within. If you can still see the moonlight, look up at the stars.You are one of them even if it is one in a million.

~Angela K. Crandall ©3/29/16

Blank spaces

Blank, spaces are meant to be filled with

Love in the middle of nowhere

Hope inside a heart

Peace among those in conflict

Understanding, different is OK

Togetherness  even when far apart

~Angela K. Crandall~


A song in my Spirit

My heart and my mind cannot believe the goodness in my soul
I hear the music
Then sway
Each beat forcing me to move faster than the last
Is this my final dance?
Fifteen minutes of fame
Will I hear the notes tomorrow once the sound has traveled light years away?
Angela K. Crandall

Bring me back

Ready for a new horizon
Blue skies and perky poppies exploding out of the earth
Reminding me, I too can grow out of the dirt
The soil I’m buried in
I must climb out of my tomb, into the sun
It will warm me, bring me to life
Out of the cold inhabit mud, I am covered in
Washing it off my body in the lake near my home
Riding myself of desolation.
Back Into existence.
Angela K. Crandall


I’ve been looking for a place where freedom exists
Free from the restraints of what others think of us, holding us to things that consume us
The people tethering us to their needs
Or those that need us and we need them
How can we be free when we need a roof over our heads
Food in our stomachs
Bills paid
Is it true that one who is totally free is one, who has nothing
For it is he, or she that isn’t restrained by the demands of society
Even though they cannot feed, nor clothe themselves
They are the ones told they are worthless
They are free
From everything except judgement.
Angela K. Crandall


I can face myself. It’s other people I don’t care to deal with at times. Actions you don’t know, you’ll be handed, or thoughts they might try to place in my head, unlike suggestions. They trigger fear. The outcome of a relationship that might not last because so many have already been, broken. I cut my fingers on the glass several times. The bandages, no longer cover my scars. Now I wear them, and they have made me bitter.
Angela K. Crandall


Resistant riged

This world often makes me feel like I’m not me.
A wannabe somehow intermixed with society.
Reins, in my mouth, a horse led
I attempt to spit them out and keep failing
The only way to break the bit would be to lose it all
A double edge sword
A record on repeat
My heart, skipping beats for who I once was.
You revel in your power of exploitation
A nation, fighting to be heard
Now demeaned
Some by work, others by politicians
We wave our hands above the quicksand
Struggling to get out
The more we fight
The more we sink
It leaves me asking
Is there a way to win back our souls?
~Angela K. Crandall~