Pictured memories


“Little pegs of hope, keep me rocking out to the music inside me.

It’s late no one is up. I’m hearing the words in my head.

The ones I cannot put down on paper.

 They keep coming back to me, but they are only words, creating images of the past.”

-Angela K. Crandall




“When I went to look for you. You were gone. I’d been sitting on the edge of the sofa for hours. Had anything changed? Did people see me, understand me? No matter what I do to discover myself, defend myself, and be myself. Nothing seems to rise out of the ashes created. Happy, sad, irritated, or even joyous. Where is the response, not only from you but the world in which we live. Everyone is looking down at their phones. We are, silenced.”
Angela K. Crandall


“I am not the fixture they want me to be. That’s why they are displeased with me. I teeter and totter and change my mind. I allow for flexibility. When in their presence I may seem to adjust to get by, but when I leave it’s a party. The curtain goes up, and theirs falls down.”

-Angela K. Crandall ©2/27/16

Reminiscent glow

“The light we shared is now just ash.
A memory, A pile of dust, forgotten and swept under the rug.
Someday it will be removed, and it will scatter.
We’ll be everywhere in that recollection together.”
Angela K. Crandall

Creating Luck

Luck isn’t

A four leaf clover

A penny heads up

It’s a dream

Goals, you’ve set and achieved

Luck is being right where you need to be


Somehow things happen, when you need them to because you have worked for it.

The effort paid off, others see it, and then instead of just clapping. They turn to you and say

You’re lucky.

Angela K. Crandall




Pictures framed are only the past
Some not even existent, except for in my head
Memories so vibrant you’ll never forget
A spring day, eruption of flowers and delicate scents reach your nose
Golden flowers fill the fields
While, you yield to memories that deceived
By their beauty released
Power held in appearance
Quickly taken back, by the actions that did not occur
So in hibernation, I wait for the truth, not covered in false promises.
Angela K. Crandall

Rising above with your pen


Change is possible. What is improbable, are the people who choose not to change, in the name of business and money. It’s called corruption, greed, and gluttony. When a person chooses to stay where they are, it’s usually so they can support themselves. Businesses are not people. People are people. Those who run a business in this day, most of them, no matter what they say, are for profit. The rest of us only get the sides of the pie, that they cut off with the knife. So keep fooling yourselves when you choose not to sign petitions. I’ve seen change!

-Angela K. Crandall ©2/25/16

Broken Art


“People who have been trampled on too many times become bitter. It isn’t because they want to be angry with the world. It is only that the world has only shown them obstacles which they must overcome. In the darkness, some choose to try to make it better. We create avenues out. They don’t always lead us into the light. Forms of escape. Books, Television, movies, walks, daydreams, writing, Music, or dance. We try to fulfill our needs whenever we are not making a living. Not, many artists can survive on their art alone. When in order to meet our needs, we have to live by someone else’s rules, it becomes frustrating for us. Something the outside world cannot perceive or understand. Instead, they judge us.”

~Angela K. Crandall


Seeing yourself


“Do not be deceived by how other view, your dreams.
It’s how you see them and pursue them that matter.”
Angela K. Crandall