Sensational sleep, don’t make me weep
Let me slumber in your arms
Bring me no harm
Allow me to rest humbly in my bed
Until the sun does shine
Then comes the dark
When I hit the spark, and lights blink on
Draw me into the dream
I’ll lucidly linger
My head upon soft pillows
My arms hug my Teddy bear
I’ll drift in dreams
You’ll find me there.
Angela K. Crandall

Battling me


I struggle to see the people who care about me.
Not because I want to hurt them, but due to the fact, most are far away.
I miss having one good friend to hang out with on a regular basis.
This is why I post things about feeling alone.
It’s why I feel sad.
When I do, do things with people, it’s usually me, that does the asking.
Angela K. Crandall

Live persistently


Don’t let yourself expire before the due date.
Instead, hold on to the shine in your eyes.
Take a step back from the despair of emotions building up in you
Release the burden
My dreamer
Let go
Instigate fate
Then float on the waves you’ve created
Enjoying the ride.
Angela K. Crandall

Searching for Resolutions


When we connect, I want to do more than hold your hand.
A deeper depth without the illusions you keep claiming are driven by my imagination.
A glimpse into my heart, passions, and emotional self.
The one I let loose, a shoelace untied. I had attempted to tie it again.
You said, leave it.
I was afraid to stumble and trip.
You said you must take chances.
I wore my heart on my sleeve.
Then it became torn.
I wore out my welcome.
Laying down the mat, I tread upon, ridiculed, and left unredeemed.
I was only hoping, this time
It would be different.
~Angela K. Crandall~



I thought, I was here to connect until disconnections kept creeping up, the scissors kept coming out, and no matter how I tried to tape them back together, people kept cutting. Oh, and repeat offenders. Ones who don’t cut, but don’t contact. What of them?-
~Angela K. Crandall


(On relationships, friendships, and human encounters.)

Stepping out


“Living outside the box takes a unique ability.

There are times you walk the plank not only for what you believe in but what is inside your heart.

It’s like a daunting song you can’t get out of your head.

It exists.”

Angela K. Crandall