True colors bleed.

The story becomes the writer’s world and the characters merge, becoming her friends. It is there that she is fully herself and accepted. Outside, she smiles, plays the game of the world, if not bitter, and lashes out at those who have deserted her. They corrupt her with the idea that all she yearns for is sympathy. When what she desires is for those to bend for her as she did them.

 ~Angela K. Crandall~


Finding a way out.

Creative minds don’t want to settle
Even when in battle
They will find a way
To claw themselves out of a stone wall
And make it into a sculpture
Leaving those who thought it could never be
Angela K. Crandall


When will my curtain rise, revealing what I wish the world to see. That which is deep inside of me. Then you’ll see the flower bloom, within the depths of cold, you think I used to freeze your soul. When really, it was only thawing what existed.
~Angela K. Crandall

Interior, she

Music lies within her soul
Preparing her to grow, you know
When everything else is changed
She pops in that CD again
To hear the voice that gives her hope
When other’s say nope, she says yes
Giving herself confidence, she is a success.
Angela K. Crandall

Only Me…

“I’ve been looking for one person who understands where I come from searching for so long I think I’ve lost my soul in the dust others have created. I’m scouring it, running my fingers through it, trying to find this one person who gets what it’s like to be stuck, in the middle, demanding both sides. Someone who cannot accept that they’re only allowed to fulfill half of who they are due to society’s standards. Am I the only one? So far it seems so. No door has remained open.”
Angela K. Crandall

A new you.

What will the new year bring, or what will you bring to your new year
How do you turn yourself around onto the road you desire
The goals you yearn to meet
Addictions you wish to leave behind
Discovering you,
How do you reinvent yourself
All anew
Dancing in the moonlight
Bathing in a bath with selected candles while you listen to the music play
Taking your distant dreams out of your head
Letting go, drawing in that which you were reluctant to once and for all.
Saying this is me.
Angela K. Crandall