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I have been reluctant to self-advertise on my poetry site. In October, I finally finished and released my book Myth. It is available as an e-book for your kindle through amazon. The cost is only .99 cents. I prefer to try to keep costs of purchase low for my readers. I hope that some of you who read my poetry would please consider reading it, thank you in advance. You’ll find the link below.



What it is to give

“Hold me close, hold me tight, let me know I am worth the fight, to linger in your arms unharmed, when many want to plunder me for being on both sides with you still next to me. Grow bold, old and wild. Let me be forever the girl, you let choose yet still love. Let’s rise above superficial labels and let be what is. We shall learn what it is to give.”
-Angela K. Crandall

Embracing me

“My imagination is the best outlet I’ve been given.

It is a gift, I refuse to give up in spite of everyone else’s demands for me to be normal.

No, I embrace my elaborate mind full of unrealistic thoughts, even though, tests confirm

I am an idealist.”

-Angela K. Crandall

Rain drip

“Little geniuses live inside of me. I don’t know who they are invading me, with sparkles of light like rain drops dripping, every time I need to be watered. As if I’m a house plant.”

Angela K. Crandall



“Can we search for sounds like we do, words, to create meaning in our life?

Birds that chirp as we awake each dawn? The moon rising as we fall into bed every night.

Evening sounds, of heaters turning on and off, an aquarium pump, or a cat’s purr.

These noises soothe us with unspoken significance, lingering comfort, or memories which calm or chill our insides out.

Let’s go now to those places of pleasure escaping from the norm through waves crashing against the shore guiding us into our dreams once more.”


Angela K. Crandall


Give back…

Take your thankful heart

Share what’s inside

Let it loose on those who need it

Hold them close when they are crying

Keep them near

Do not fear their hollow eyes

Let them pour out the emotions they have hid, too long


Like a sweater with a free string

Help them to let go

Of what held them back

Tell them

I’m here

I Support you

Breath hope, back into the hopeless


Show them acceptance where hate once was

Let them live

Show them life

How to break free

Let go

Because you, to, were one time


In someone else’s arms





Angela K. Crandall

A new Moon

“The best thing about myself, is my heart.

Although, it’s been broken in the past, it hasn’t led me wrong.

It’s a reminder that not everyone can be trusted, but that I want to trust everyone.

 I suppose most people are good until proven otherwise.”

~Angela K. Crandall


The North

“Chills crawl up and down my spine.

Nothing a warm blanket will not fix.

A cup of hot cocoa held in my hands


Snowflakes drift outside my window.

It has begun.

Winter wisdom.”


Angela K. Crandall


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Thankful in-spite of myself

I am always thankful for what I have

Some days the sunshine hides behind the clouds

And I don’t see the light hidden within

My emotions play havoc with what people, really think of me

And I am judged, often for needing to be reminded I am loved

This, is what depression and loneliness, look like

It’s not, about you, it’s about us

Inside our own skin, needing reassurance

That you remember

As I try to remember

That the sun will return

The rain will disappear

And again, there will be light to replace the darkness.


Angela K. Crandall


Many Loves

No one wants to be told, how to love, who to love, and where to love, or that you are only allowed to love one person at a time. We just want to choose what is right for us.

-Angela K. Crandall