Poetry, I’ll take it raw. No rules of grammar, please. A free verse of emotions dispersed on the page, any flavor, color, or image you choose to describe let it pour out of you mind onto the page. Give me your sorrows, deep depth, where you hide, let out your dark side. If you wish your heart to bleed from your chest or to take on certain death, you may. Bear yourself naked without regret, no rules, just real, it’s how I like my people best. Keep in mind the choices you make, and the love or heartache you may create. It all comes back, hitting hard, like a witch who cast a spell upon an unknowing persons, heart. Walk on air, dream your dreams, but do not forget to hold on for the ride is cold and long.


Angela K. Crandall


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Moonlight Walking…

If dreams, can be created in reality, why cannot I make them, walk with me?

I need the journey to begin, outside my head so again, I can be renewed.

I’ll float outside of my sheets not only in my bed.

Each moment, feels longer, each void is more dreadful than the last.

This rain I loved when will it renew me?

Cleanse me?

Create me?

How will it free me?

If I, cannot find who I’m looking for?

Am I lost, is my heart searching in vain?

Why has the puzzle piece been missing for so long?

What did I do wrong?

Nothing ever stays.

It always either, strays, leaves, or betrays.

The games of cat and mouse.

It is continuous second guessing, online mapping.

What works then fails?

I cannot find the answer to the applause once given

Now boo’s and awes.

The audience, unresponsive.

I am left to dust myself off as I lie in the moonlight waiting.


Angela K. Crandall


Holding my heart

I was left holding my heart, in my hands

When, you’re, only thought was, I was taking a stand

Against you

To defeat you


















I was only, a one time deal

A way to make you feel, empowered

As you took and gave me hope

That we could continue




I held my heart, in my hands

And gave you, yours back

To do with what you, pleased.

I needed you

You didn’t need me.


Angela K. Crandall


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IN Depth

“Sometimes you let people go for the fear of them stringing you along. You wonder if you’ll always be 2nd best. Or in situations where that person no longer wants contact with you, such as hanging out and will only speak to you online. Then making mistakes, acting out of emotions and letting go because you think that is what the other person wants. It hurts you, but you want them to be happy because you truly LOVE them. It’s not easy, letting go or keeping people. It hurts both ways at least for me.”
-Angela K. Crandall


“I struggle, but continue knowing that something good has to happen if it doesn’t surely I will fall. I won’t just skin my knee, nor will I only have bruises outside my soul. They will be everywhere beyond repair. I am waiting for the moments filled with laughter.”- Angela K. Crandall, Author

Within Me

A battle to get up, raise myself out of bed

All I want to do, is deeply slumber in the warm blankets that cover me

As if someone was all around me

Conveniently keeping me from what lay outside this room of comfort

Demands, opinions, contradictions

Here there is only sweet, warm sleep and the dreams that carry me into the solitary seclusion

That peace exists within this body that lay at rest

Even though living is what makes the difference

What we leave behind

Not what is hidden in our minds.


Angela K. Crandall



My heart tried bending for you before you broke it
Slowly I am repairing who I am
Not yet whole again.
Angela K. Crandall

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Unspoken, doubts, pain, hurt….

“I, can’t seem to feel worthy of anything lately, as if sabotaging myself will help the situations that have already occurred, unable to be undone, because we can’t go back to the future, any more than one, can force someone else, to forgive them, for their trespasses.”-Angela K. Crandall ©10/14/15