Meet me in the middle

Changing lives matter

Each small gift of wisdom

Perfection is not in perfect

It’s what we do to aid others

Ease it not is

Conflicts cause difficulties, reasoning

Abilities to look beyond often are not pleasing

Hope is found, in connections similar, seeing some the same

 But not always

Piecing together important parts

Understanding reflections exist

Beyond this shallow water of illusions can we rise?

Or will we forever be denied knowing

What could have been?

I look out into the horizon letting the water lap over my feet.

The now clean beach is ready

The petitions in my mailbox, have been signed

Words are spoken, to people I meet

In the spirit, that they too will see kindness

It isn’t easy

Anger does come


The hardships of compassion

They too bleed

It’s the hate, that damages us, the most

In eyes, that want to force us into sameness

Let’s Celebrate culture

Not deny it, the heritage we came from

When people fought for rights to live free

No matter what their race, sexuality, or belief

Why do we keep denying this?

I’ll keep writing poetry, til it ends

Beauty, love, hate, hurt, peace, beliefs, and non-beliefs

Where, can we find the serenity, the believers claim?

I don’t think it will be when we are all the same

Only, when we embrace diversity will the anger subside

Helping our neighbors, in spite of the challenges, we face within us

Because outside us our hands are needed

To rise, above the system created to defeat us.


Angela K. Crandall



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