The Lesson

Tossing and Turning on the blue water I hold my oars in my hands

I’m quite a near land

Once ashore I will throw down my anchor

I cannot wait to explore the lush land

I’ll pick fruits from the trees

Then I’ll set up my camp

Sinking into self-awareness living off the land

A week or two of soul-searching

Digging for the lost treasure within

Curiosity peaking

 What I will find

Will it be golden like the sunshine that is fading?

Shall I meet friends or foes?

Perhaps there will be a quaint hotel

When I gather within I’ll have sweet tropical drinks as I sit by the sea.

Oh, how I wonder on this journey what will be.

I pull my boat up to what looks like an abandoned dock.

I see no one around

I tie my boat to the dock

Grab my pack

OK there’s no looking back

I walk onto the sand

A one man band!

“Shall I play you a tune?” he asks.

“Oh, play me your best one yet,” I chuckled.

I set down my pack and oh how he played

That one man band was never delayed.

Then he took me to his cabin and shared his meal.

What a fine fellow to share his fish.

Oh, I could always eat like this.

Then he offered me a place to rest

And there I slept

Until in the morning when he said oh my child

Let me teach you how to be free and wild.

I stayed only a month

He and I vowed I’d come back

But it seemed like forever before I’d again make the trek.

I honor that day I met the fellow so relaxed loving and mellow.

He taught me that a life of simplicity can be fine.

Sharing is so divine

No, it’s a gift

I hope that when we live forever it will be just like this.


Angela K. Crandall



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