Deep, developed souls

May hide, in corners

Cry, silent tears and hold on to others

As if, they would lose them

Once hurt, they run away

Fight back

Bringing themselves, back into their imagination.

Let them fly

Then try to understand us

Who we are

It starts with a voice

We all use ours, differently

Open books

Loud vibrant people

Are not always outspoken

We do get rather loud

Proud, joyful, contemplative

Desiring to make change happen

It starts with a voice

We all use them differently

How do we see beyond the blur of lines defined by difference?

Why do we pull away?

Becoming people pleasers

How do we unit, but maintain our individuality?

Each person’s rights may overshadow another

How do we keep them from colliding


Love each other?

How is your god better than mine?

The right to choose no higher power?

If freedom was reality, what would be?

Who should you let define you besides yourself?

It isn’t up to anyone else.

Still, how do we collaborate without the hate?

If peace existed, we could all agree that each one of us sees things so differently.

If only we could let each other be



Until they again find themselves


Different gods, no god, and our own truths

Still we fight, kill and plunder

Say your right and I’m wrong

Where is the love in that?

Where is the peace?

Fighting over who gets more

No one knows how to help each other

Instead, we are run by corporations

Who’ve stolen our imaginations

Placing in our hands trinkets and toys

We cannot take them with us

Why do we fight against, ourselves and others

Why can’t they see

If we could just let each other be

Do not make me, you

I will not make you, me.

Accepting not only yourself

Diverse, dissimilar

Regardless of age

Various sizes, smiles, colors, owning our own selves

All of us, are human

So why does the human race refuse to, unit?

If we dislike, hate

Why do we create it?


Angela K. Crandall


An unfulfilled need

Should you face your fear

If it could change

Your course or destination

If all you know might disappear


Would you lose or would you win?

How would you begin again?

Do you move forward or walk away

Into another same old day.

Is the risk worth the danger?

What principles do you apply?

Do you let this opportunity pass you by

Each moment that was given

Do you take it?

Or let it fall to the floor

An unread page

Leaving it alone



Forever left in anguish

Of what could have been

Who you might be

If only you’d turned that page with me.


Angela K. Crandall


Mixed Emotions


Fleeting furies of hope stick on my skin like velvet in wonderment

Meeting memories once present

Sitting on the window sill

Watching the birds feed

While I devour the grapes you picked for me

Each one juicier than the last

Until my bowl is empty

Is it significant to us

My imagination has attempted to trick me before

I hear the rain begin to pour

Pushing myself up off the bench I grab hold of the door

Letting the tears fall

Then step down


Go back to bed.


Angela K. Crandall


Shine on

Remain thoughtful not thoughtless

For every moment spent in emotions

Grants us the ability to empathize

Feelings we’ve felt

Within, and outside,

Without the fear of pain

 Do not fear pain

Let it go

In each embrace

In warmth

Encompassing us

Given not demanded

Relax in the comfort of acceptance

That which we give

To each other

Let go, take hold of me,

And shine on.


Angela K. Crandall



“If you take what you can

Then at least make it better

For all people

Not just a small percent

That way you give back

What you ultimately have acquired

So it really does come full circle

Otherwise, what is it really worth

If only one person gets what they need in this life?


Angela K. Crandall


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“Never let them stop you

Keep running

Even if you’re out of breath

Move forward

til you reach your goal with the sweat upon your brow

And smile at your success.”

Angela K. Crandall



Happy birthday


I admire and aspire

Dream, work, and yearn to achieve


I’m driven to believe, I can succeed

With the hope, you placed in my heart

I love all your art


Songs of poetry

Actions of courage

We stand up together


We can change the world!


Angela K. Crandall

© 8/16/15

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Previous lives

Can you remember summer days with no obligations?

When you grabbed your swimsuit and headed for the river?

You swam all day long til the sun tanned your skin

Pretending you were traveling in the tropics with your best friends.

Days you sat with many books to read

Finishing one and starting another

The sound of an ice cream truck lit up your eyes

You ran as fast as superman to get that brightly colored ice cream

Joys long past that you can catch a glimpse of

in the corner of the memories, where childhood lives

Each day we let pass

Did you live in the moment?

Cherish each second

Do you ever have time to rewind and look back?

Each image golden

Actions, play, and people

Things you held dear

Do you recall them?

Like switching on a show of the Brady bunch

Do you remember?


Have you forgotten the moments lived?

As if you’d never have another.


Angela K. Crandall.

© 8/12/2015

The Lesson

Tossing and Turning on the blue water I hold my oars in my hands

I’m quite a near land

Once ashore I will throw down my anchor

I cannot wait to explore the lush land

I’ll pick fruits from the trees

Then I’ll set up my camp

Sinking into self-awareness living off the land

A week or two of soul-searching

Digging for the lost treasure within

Curiosity peaking

 What I will find

Will it be golden like the sunshine that is fading?

Shall I meet friends or foes?

Perhaps there will be a quaint hotel

When I gather within I’ll have sweet tropical drinks as I sit by the sea.

Oh, how I wonder on this journey what will be.

I pull my boat up to what looks like an abandoned dock.

I see no one around

I tie my boat to the dock

Grab my pack

OK there’s no looking back

I walk onto the sand

A one man band!

“Shall I play you a tune?” he asks.

“Oh, play me your best one yet,” I chuckled.

I set down my pack and oh how he played

That one man band was never delayed.

Then he took me to his cabin and shared his meal.

What a fine fellow to share his fish.

Oh, I could always eat like this.

Then he offered me a place to rest

And there I slept

Until in the morning when he said oh my child

Let me teach you how to be free and wild.

I stayed only a month

He and I vowed I’d come back

But it seemed like forever before I’d again make the trek.

I honor that day I met the fellow so relaxed loving and mellow.

He taught me that a life of simplicity can be fine.

Sharing is so divine

No, it’s a gift

I hope that when we live forever it will be just like this.


Angela K. Crandall