An internal existence

Internally you reside

Each day I confer unto my imagination


A reel of photos developed over time

Images emerge when you’re near

Idea’s in my head I cannot put to bed

Laying down

 I desire to be in a land beyond

Where fairy tales are held on to

Not blinking your eyes

Seeing what is before you


In a world twisted to fit my needs

They beg and plead

Leave, depart, and then vanish

Before you become a part of the shadow

A reflection of who you were

Now lost in the dreams where you slumber

For eternity at rest

Within you thoughts are turning


You’re not moving anywhere



Only stagnant

Inside yourself


Angela K. Crandall


Peace within us and outside us

Strength comes from within, there are many mornings I wake up and don’t want to do anything. I get up, put on my clothes, and perhaps take a shower. I find a way to make myself care. Often my whole body aches. My spirit takes in the world of sounds, music, words, notes, and noise. I prepare for everything that must be done, but not just one, but many hearts have helped me to reach this point in my life. Each voice carries another voice. We help each other to move forward. Often I find myself in situations where I disagree with people on the issue of peace. I always question how one can want peace, but not desire it for someone else?

 Peace, is knowing that everyone is free to love, live, pray, or not pray. They can be themselves without being demeaned. It’s often why I question religion. Why would a god want you to hurt anyone if he or she exists? Why do people bash others with the bible saying it’s the sword? This is not peace, but manipulation. Wraith, hate, anger, isn’t that what we are told to let go of and replace with Love? Is it right to turn someone away? I’ve done it before, turned them away due to the fact they refused to understand that someone I loved, who was a friend of mine loved a woman. Oh, that is a sin so horrible! Yet they wouldn’t want someone to take away their Love, their faith, their peace? Equality is admitting this and peace is allowing others who harm no one through their own actions the ability to be themselves. This isn’t saying one cannot have conflict, or feel certain things are not right for them. We as Americans tend to forget that we live right where immigrants came to escape persecution for the right to practice their beliefs or non-belief.

 Now today, we are persecuting them for trying to escape to our country for a better life. We’re so afraid of what others might take from us that we lack the ability to see them as humans. Instead, people get angry and want to shove them off back to their own country. Have you ever wondered what you are sending them back to? Would you want this done to you if you were them? We lack the decency to place ourselves in their situation, to hold empathy. I, on the other hand, do not want to be responsible as an American for someone else’s death. We as a society could be using our power to empower others instead of bringing them down. If America is so wonderful why are we not creating jobs for everyone? Why does the 1% hold most of the wealth when others struggle to get by? How come it’s OK for a CEO to make Millions while a student who just graduated with a college degree cannot find a job in their field? What about those who choose to work in the public service industry? Why should they have to live in poverty? Someone has to work those jobs.

 We are not the loving, caring, and understanding society we claim to be. If we were we would not just toss people out on their butts back to their country, we wouldn’t shoot down people for being a different faith, choosing no faith, or for their sexuality. Instead, we would embrace them, love them, show them kindness, and understand that is how we too would want to be treated. What kind of foot print do you want to leave behind?

All of this came from me having the strength to get up this morning. 🙂


Angela K. Crandall


Broken Friendships

Lost friends linger

Strings unattached hanging from the rafters

Once held by idea’s, similarities

Imperfections we shared

Then gradually they began to fray

Weakening until one day

I cut them

Tired of the lack of understanding

A distance that had grown between us

Dust settles on the faded memories

Photos I’ve kept

Because once we understood each other

As sisters would

Now we are strangers

On our own paths

Trails that met once on a lane in the past


Angela K. Crandall



You give me moments

 Glimpses that make me smile

Every time the paradox opens…

In this instance, you stick out your tongue at me

We are basking in the sunlight enjoying the end of day

You go by

As you have many times in my life

Followed, following

Restoring joy and hope

All at once

Remotely from afar



Missing the rainstorms of the past

where I danced and danced and danced.

Other days I walked or strolled,

even sat and listened as it grew bold.

Booms and crashes of sound proceeded as the sky lit up.

Earthy smells rose fresh and clean

leaving nothing in-between but the thoughts in my head as I began to ponder creeping off to bed.

Into the night resting among the stars as the storm ended.

An evening complete

I’d let go of the summer heat.

~Angela K. Crandall~


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Four paws of Inspiration

Good news

I awoke alive

Sun shining

Fan spinning

Light fragments blazed

Radiating into my room

An orange kitty jumped upon my bedside

Crawled under the shades

To soak it all in

I flutter a bit not wanting to emerge

From the silky sheets that cover up my body still at rest

Mr. Butters springs up to peer at me eager for his morning stroll

“One minute,” I say! Inflicting myself with the will to move, and sit up, out of my daze

Not to give up and just lye there.

Instructing enthusiasm to take shape sitting on the edge of my bed

My feet barely touching the floor

Creating pressures to propel myself

Out of the dark shades into the daylight hour…


Angela K. Crandall

© 7/9/15

A paradise

I dream in color

When your there

Awake, no one cares

Slumber creates an illusion of liberty

No consequences or responsibilities

Unending, no beginning an evolution of safety

Sweeping, singing, in indulgences

Not once performed with eyes opened

Shutting out the world that pushed me elsewhere

Opening up my insides

Executing emotions denied.



Within me

A deliverance of a sort


Notice, who you are

Alone talking to yourself

As if you’re someone else

Loving and amusing your soul

Unable to let the freedom inside go

It takes hold

Gripping me at any moment

In the evening

When the sun arises

Or perhaps


Stirring up passions

Daydream confessions

Creeping ecstasy

A love of empathy

Would you call it satisfaction?

My own heaven

 A form of my own deception

Hiding myself from me

I hold on tight

A drift in all hours of my lucid desires…


Angela K. Crandall


Colliding, exploding, exerting myself onto the world…(Poetry, and Song)

The world it comes crashing down on me

Beware of the friendly things you see

Innocents is swept away

I keep singing anyway

And the world it crashes down on me

All the silly games we play

Let nothing get in the way

Still it comes crashing down

The thunder rolls right into town

I feel the rain upon my checks

Trickles down before I see

 Lightening shining over me

 Never can I make up my mind

Telling my truth all the time

It’s when it opens up the blinds

People often shut doors

*Unable to explore not desiring the things I see

The world it comes crashing down on me

Beware of the friendly things you see

Innocents is swept away

I keep singing anyway*

And the world it crashes down on me

Remind myself it’s my truth, not theirs

So I better be prepared…

Fireworks flying in the sky

I no longer see the reason why

*The world it comes crashing down on me

Beware of the friendly things you see

Innocents is swept away

I keep singing anyway

And the world it crashes down on me*

Independence is important too

So why the hell does it make me feel blue?

Most the soldiers had to die

I don’t the reason why

We can’t take care of them too

Then others judge my views

 Have it all crash down on me

I’m not winning popularity

But to myself I’m always true

*The world it comes crashing down on me

Beware of the friendly things you see

Innocents is swept away

I keep singing anyway

And the world it crashes down on me*

What are we going to do?

It’s as if life is a TV show

How can we make it stop?

Will it crash down on you or not?

Rise up and tell your truth

Don’t be mute

Take the risk


If we have to let the world collide

Every truth will be our guide

Nothing left to hide

Like waves will crash

As we clash.

*The world it comes crashing down on me

Beware of the friendly things you see

Innocents is swept away

I keep singing anyway

And the world it crashes down on me*


Angela K. Crandall


Notes to dance by…

When will I be enough to fly amongst you?

As you do on the dance floor

Words like notes exit my mouth

Into the world

Does it continue?

Songs go on and on forever

Out there

Somewhere someone is still singing

Pop songs, hymns, and notes

Who is listening?

Do they still hear it?

Tapping on the moon, Jupiter, or Saturn

Smiling at the joy it brings


Has all the music gone silent?

I play it inside myself

These songs

Remembering moments that have passed

Years gone by

Each title reminds me of who I once was

A long time ago


Who I am now


Angela K. Crandall


My Own

Do not tell me who to be inside this shell of me

All I am surrounds me unburdened

My own truth arises

Yours pushes me under drowning me

Refusing to tug along with an anvil, or a rock

Floating adrift amongst the cast-offs diving for treasures you’ve thrown out

You assumed they were long gone

Each ditch I dig fills with water flowing over in riches

I sit here beside the ocean my hands filled with sand and lay back

Thunder explodes, and I am not afraid

No not anymore

The anchor no longer exists attached to my ankle

I’ve tossed it aside

Chiseled each piece that emotionally involved me out

Tossed it aside,


Smothered in gas

Brunt up

Ashes flying in the wind

Reborn I am

Free from the judgment of any and all religions

My god is defined only by one true self


Love yourself, others, bear peace within

Begin for you

Walk when you cannot

Open up

Even if all you suffer inside is hidden

Understand as others turn their heads

So I’ve seen myself cry

As I’ve seen them.


Angela K. Crandall

© 7/2/15