(An inner dwelling)

Ridiculed restless

Shattered amongst heroes

 Picking up pieces of demolished bonds

Broken by those once loved

 Now deceived

Waiting for dreams

Unconscious hopes

To rid them of panic

Taking place in their heart

An alarm as loud as a silencer on a gun


That is how they attack

She’ll never get it back

So she slips back instead

Into her head

Always appeased

Needs met

Without the stab wounds


Vile threats

Protecting her heart

Perpetually alone

Surrounded by love

Only her own

A fantasy of life

Simulated within

Scary yet attractive

In reality she floats on by

They assume she’s pretty and daring

Not just getting by

Each spare instant, she speculates

Am I here?

Should I leave?

Write it all down

Make something of me?

For outside my fortress

I could be caught

Inside disaster

Their own dangerous thoughts

That collided with my own


Tear me apart

It’s more deadly then…

The destruction of beautiful art

Exceptional films never seen

Prejudice held

As I stood motionless

Contained by heaven

Alive in hell

Burning on earth

Til in dust I fell

So I take in moments

Precious art still standing

A few hands hold mine from time to time

Awaiting the morrow

To hope

Some day freedom

A deserted Island

There rebels will dwell

And surely

It will be ecstasy

And not the common misery

They claim

Hold on to visions in your head

Ones they tell you to put to bed

Make them live outside of you

Write them down

Hold them near

Creators do not fear


What once stabbed you, grabbed you, bled you, use it against them

Because once your dust

All you can do is make them sneeze.


Angela K. Crandall

© 7/30/15


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