Peace within us and outside us

Strength comes from within, there are many mornings I wake up and don’t want to do anything. I get up, put on my clothes, and perhaps take a shower. I find a way to make myself care. Often my whole body aches. My spirit takes in the world of sounds, music, words, notes, and noise. I prepare for everything that must be done, but not just one, but many hearts have helped me to reach this point in my life. Each voice carries another voice. We help each other to move forward. Often I find myself in situations where I disagree with people on the issue of peace. I always question how one can want peace, but not desire it for someone else?

 Peace, is knowing that everyone is free to love, live, pray, or not pray. They can be themselves without being demeaned. It’s often why I question religion. Why would a god want you to hurt anyone if he or she exists? Why do people bash others with the bible saying it’s the sword? This is not peace, but manipulation. Wraith, hate, anger, isn’t that what we are told to let go of and replace with Love? Is it right to turn someone away? I’ve done it before, turned them away due to the fact they refused to understand that someone I loved, who was a friend of mine loved a woman. Oh, that is a sin so horrible! Yet they wouldn’t want someone to take away their Love, their faith, their peace? Equality is admitting this and peace is allowing others who harm no one through their own actions the ability to be themselves. This isn’t saying one cannot have conflict, or feel certain things are not right for them. We as Americans tend to forget that we live right where immigrants came to escape persecution for the right to practice their beliefs or non-belief.

 Now today, we are persecuting them for trying to escape to our country for a better life. We’re so afraid of what others might take from us that we lack the ability to see them as humans. Instead, people get angry and want to shove them off back to their own country. Have you ever wondered what you are sending them back to? Would you want this done to you if you were them? We lack the decency to place ourselves in their situation, to hold empathy. I, on the other hand, do not want to be responsible as an American for someone else’s death. We as a society could be using our power to empower others instead of bringing them down. If America is so wonderful why are we not creating jobs for everyone? Why does the 1% hold most of the wealth when others struggle to get by? How come it’s OK for a CEO to make Millions while a student who just graduated with a college degree cannot find a job in their field? What about those who choose to work in the public service industry? Why should they have to live in poverty? Someone has to work those jobs.

 We are not the loving, caring, and understanding society we claim to be. If we were we would not just toss people out on their butts back to their country, we wouldn’t shoot down people for being a different faith, choosing no faith, or for their sexuality. Instead, we would embrace them, love them, show them kindness, and understand that is how we too would want to be treated. What kind of foot print do you want to leave behind?

All of this came from me having the strength to get up this morning. 🙂


Angela K. Crandall



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