A paradise

I dream in color

When your there

Awake, no one cares

Slumber creates an illusion of liberty

No consequences or responsibilities

Unending, no beginning an evolution of safety

Sweeping, singing, in indulgences

Not once performed with eyes opened

Shutting out the world that pushed me elsewhere

Opening up my insides

Executing emotions denied.



Within me

A deliverance of a sort


Notice, who you are

Alone talking to yourself

As if you’re someone else

Loving and amusing your soul

Unable to let the freedom inside go

It takes hold

Gripping me at any moment

In the evening

When the sun arises

Or perhaps


Stirring up passions

Daydream confessions

Creeping ecstasy

A love of empathy

Would you call it satisfaction?

My own heaven

 A form of my own deception

Hiding myself from me

I hold on tight

A drift in all hours of my lucid desires…


Angela K. Crandall



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