Why is it when I bleed, he licks my wounds and feeds?

In my time of need consuming me?

Starved and hungry

I’m bearing my bones

Bits of me crumble to the edge

I’m peering over

Deceived that the fall isn’t far

I’ll land on my feet as the cat beneath

Am I broken?

Pieced together by strings

Did I create the illusion of weakness through my own guilt?

Dreams I myself devour in my waking life

Is the opposition that which is eroding me?

I trace the curves of my body left

My gifts of words float out of me

Soothing others afflictions

Waiting for someone to calm me in my constant anxiety

Winding down the notch, turning off the alarm, I drift

Dropping into unconsciousness beneath the surface seen

Diving and bobbing in and out of lucidness

Desiring to linger in a launch pad of creations

Born only of thought

Nobody in attendance



Confirmations held by one

Undone soul

Of lost hope

In visions

Directed in my head

Continuous film



Angela K. Crandall



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